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Tours to Valaam

Valaam by helicopter from St. Petersburg (1 day)

Excursion to Valaam from St. Petersburg in the first half of the day. Helicopter take-off is possible from several sites in the city and the ...

55250 ₽
1 day
  • Excursion to Valaam by helicopter begins in St. Petersburg from the specified take-off site or from Pulkovo-2 (Pulkovo-2 is paid separately) 
  • You can choose a helicopter for every taste, not just from the presented. There are still a number of Eurocopter, Augusta Westland and other models 
  • The guide can fly with you or meet you on the island 
  • The price already includes a tour of the Central complex on Valaam individually 
  • Transfer from the desired location to the strip is included in the price (in the area of St. Petersburg) 
  • Cons: this program is organized individually or for ready-made groups 

You can get to the tour to Valaam by helicopter at any time of the year. The only thing that can prevent is non-flying weather. However, this does not happen often. The cons of this tour to Valaam is its price. Pros-comfort, beautiful views and speed. We use helicopters from 3-seater Robinson R44 to 18-seater Mi-8 with improved cabin. This program is organized individually or for ready-made groups.

Excursion to Valaam from Sortavala on motorboat

“The ancient shrines of Valaam” is just the transition of the Ladoga lake, about 5 hours From the city of Sortavala you go with a ...

32 000 ₽
1 day
From May to October

Tour to Valaam 1 day

Sightseeing tour on the “Meteor” to Valaam from St. Petersburg for 1 day. The tour begins in St. Petersburg, on a sightseeing bus the ...

6400 ₽
1 day

Rent of the ship SPB Neva VIP

Tour operator “Polar Aurora” presents one of our favorite options for long VIP tours – rent a motor ship SPB Neva VIP. On it ...

700 000 ₽
1-60 days
Upon request

Tour to Valaam (2 days)

Sightseeing tour on the “Meteor” to Valaam from St. Petersburg for 2 days. One night stay in a hotel on the island of Valaam. The ...

9100 ₽
2 days
on weekdays from May to September

Pilgrimage tour to Valaam 2 days

The pilgrimage tour to Valaam for 2 days is intended for those tourists who plan to focus primarily on attending divine services in the monastery ...

9700 ₽
2 days
6-7.6, 10-11.6, 11-12.6, 17-18.6, 23-24.6, 1-2.7, 7-8.7, 11-12.7, 14-15.7, 21-22.7, 29-30.7, 4-5.8, 5-6.8, 12-13.8, 20-21.8, 25-26.8, 27-28.8, 29-30.8, 5-6.9, 12-13.9, 26-27.9, 3-4.10, 10-11.10, 17-18.10, 24-25.10

Tour to Valaam 3 days

A 3-day tour to Valaam is intended for those tourists who want to get acquainted with the history of this ancient monastery in more detail and ...

19000 ₽
3 days
MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 03.06.19 till 31.08

Cheap tour to Valaam 3 days

This tour to Valaam cheap for 3 days has a nice price, but for this I had to sacrifice part of the excursion program. However, guests of the ...

15000 ₽
3 days
IN SEPTEMBER: 31.8, 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18

Pilgrimage tour to Valaam 3 days

A 3-day pilgrimage tour to Valaam takes place on certain dates related to the main Orthodox holidays in Russia and the local holidays of Valaam. ...

13200 ₽
3 days
5-7.6, 10-12.6, 12-14.6, 19-21.6, 26-28.6, 3-5.7, 17-19.7, 24-26.7, 31.7-2.8, 1-3.8, 5-7.8, 7-9.8, 14-16.8, 17-19.8, 21-23.8, 22-24.8, 28-30.8

Tour to Valaam 4 days

4 days tour to Valaam is suitable for those who may already have been to Valaam and imbued with its mores and ways of life. Valaam is a rather ...

23000 ₽
4 days
FRIDAY till MONDAY from 31.05.19 till 31.08

A week on Valaam

A week-long tour to Valaam is intended for those who have long been inspired by the mores and customs of this harsh island. In a week on Valaam ...

27200 ₽
8 days
In summer tour starts on Mondays
Valaam by helicopter from St. Petersburg (1 day)

1 day 55250 ₽

Excursion to Valaam from Sortavala on motorboat

1 day 32 000 ₽

Tour to Valaam 1 day

1 day 6400 ₽

Rent of the ship SPB Neva VIP

1-60 days 700 000 ₽

Tour to Valaam (2 days)

2 days 9100 ₽

Pilgrimage tour to Valaam 2 days

2 days 9700 ₽

Tour to Valaam 3 days

3 days 19000 ₽

Cheap tour to Valaam 3 days

3 days 15000 ₽

Pilgrimage tour to Valaam 3 days

3 days 13200 ₽

Tour to Valaam 4 days

4 days 23000 ₽

A week on Valaam

8 days 27200 ₽

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Tourist club “Polar Aurora” jointly with the Valaam monastery (Valaamsky Savior-Transfiguration Monastery) annually organizes tours to Valaam in summer and winter (if there is ice on Lake Ladoga or tourists are ready to rent a helicopter from St. Petersburg to Valaam) periods. The most popular are Valaam tours from St. Petersburg. Usually we offer the following program: in the morning tourists get on a bus near one of the metro stations in St. Petersburg and go to Priozersk, where they take a ship or a hydrofoil boat.

Another popular route – a tour by ship to Valaam, which starts directly from St. Petersburg. Tourists pass along the Neva river and Ladoga Lake by boat to Valaam directly from St. Petersburg. The tour by motor ship to Valaam is not daily, so it is better to buy tickets and tours in advance. In addition, the journey by boat to Valaam will take more time, but this trip allows travelers to enjoy the beauties of the Neva river and Ladoga lake. During the trip to Valaam, a number of other equally fascinating stops and excursions can be planned, for example, foreign tourists often purchase a tour package “Kizhi-Valaam-Solovki”, which takes about two weeks and allows to get fully acquainted with the history of the Russian North and its three main shrines (the Holy Triangle) – to visit Kizhi, Valaam, and Solovki islands. Therefore, the route St Petersburg-Valaam is in demand among thousands of tourists and pilgrims annually.

Tourist club “Polar Aurora” offers tours to Valaam from St. Petersburg by boat, a tour to Valaam for 2 days, a tour to Valaam 2020, a tour to Valaam for 3 days, and Valaam tours from St. Petersburg. Valaam tours from Moscow are also organized. We work for individual tourists and pilgrims, as well as prepare tours for organized groups. Depending on your interests, we will try to connect you to the most suitable group (pilgrims or secular tourists).

For tour to Valaam, the price usually ranges from 87 euro per day trip to 145-180 euro per tour to Valaam for 2 days. And the cost of the tour to Valaam for 3 days will be about 188-230 euro. Valaam hotels, unfortunately, do not yet offer all the benefits of civilization. On the island there are only two hotels: one is located in the monastery building, and the second is on the ship. There you will find everything you need, but they are far from complete comfort. Nevertheless, this makes the trip to the island of Valaam more interesting and diverse. Several centuries ago, monks came here not for comfort, but for seclusion with nature and spiritual tranquility. Brotherhood of the monastery adheres to these old vows to this day.

In 2020 the tourist club “Polar Aurora” offers the lowest prices for Valaam tours on the market under similar conditions of stay (the same transport, the same hotels, the same motor ships to Valaam).

And for those who do not stint on their travels and appreciate their time, we are ready to offer tours to Valaam by helicopter. For flights we rent small Robinson helicopters, but sometimes we use large helicopters to organize corporate tours to Valaam. All the equipment goes through the necessary maintenance and is safe. In addition, our partners have good helipads right in the center of St. Petersburg, where they can take you on a tour to Valaam without driving to the airport. We are waiting for your applications! 


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