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Excursion to Valaam from Sortavala on motorboat

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1 day
32 000 ₽
From May to October

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“The ancient shrines of Valaam” is just the transition of the Ladoga lake, about 5 hours

From the city of Sortavala you go with a guide on a comfortable boat Silver Star Cabin 690 NEW, with a capacity of up to 9-10 passengers.

On Valaam you will visit the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery and the nearest attractions, just a tour of the island will take 3 hours

* In group from 1 to 9 people


32 000 rubles – 1 person

34 000 rubles – 2 people

36 000 rubles – 3 people

38 000 rubles – 4 people

Then 2000 rubles for each person. There are small discounts! Leave a request and we will discuss everything!



Boat rental, Valaam tour, guide services



Nutrition. Directions to the city of Sortavala. Additional services purchased locally


NOTES: The procedure and time for visiting sites and attractions can be changed by the host as a result of weather conditions or local events without changing the contents of the excursion program. This tour is very dependent on weather conditions (storm on Lake Ladoga).

Program of excursion

09.00 – 12.00 – Arrival on your own at the port of Sortavala (If necessary, we can arrange a transfer to the city from St. Petersburg or Petrozavodsk). Women need to have a skirt and a scarf. Boarding the boat. Trek across Lake Ladoga (about 50 minutes).

Arrival at Valaam. The beginning of the excursion to Valaam during which you will visit the central complex of the Valaam Monastery. Free time

14:00 – 17:00 – Departure from Balaam. Crossing Lake Ladoga (about 50 minutes).

Return to Sortavala. The end of the tour to Valaam on a boat from Sortavala.

ATTENTION: This tour is very dependent on weather conditions (storms on Lake Ladoga). During the trip, there may be delays in departure to Valaam and from Balaam. Please take this information into account! The tour operator is not responsible for the cancellation or delay of excursions due to weather conditions. In case of cancellation of the tour according to weather conditions before it starts, the funds for the tour are returned to the client in 100% amount. In the event of a delay on the island, customers take all the costs of staying on the island upon themselves.

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