(Русский) Шунгит – изумруды Карелии

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What train to take to Karelia

09/10/2018 Полярная Аврора

When choosing a journey, it is worth giving special attention to such transport as trains. Everyone remembers old Soviet wagons with constantly closed windows and fat pillows. However, the situation is improving every year. The Travelers should draw attention to the trains ” Arctic ” and ” swallow “. they are are on the route […]

The trip to Solovki: whether to go to Anzer and Muksalma’s translation?

Anzer and Muksalma are not very far from the village, but the sea and bad roads have done their job. To get to them is very difficult. If tourists go on a two-or three-day trip to Solovki, it is almost impossible to get there. Excursion to Muksalma, where the boulder dam is located, takes about […]