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Туры по Арктике

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Arctic Tour to Newborn Seals

Newborn seals – calves of the Greenland seals – are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. The ...

345000 ₽
4 days
beginning and mid-March annually upon request
Arctic Tour to Newborn Seals

4 days 345000 ₽

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Tours to the Arctic are an exotic and very expensive trip, the impressions of which will remain with you for a lifetime. Huge icebergs, northern lands, never-setting sun or round-the-clock darkness, harsh nature, as well as local flora and fauna (seals, killer whales, polar bears, and so on) will not leave indifferent any traveler. Our tourist club “Polar Aurora” invites you to make tours to the Arctic with us. We cooperate with well-known Russian and foreign maritime companies that try to provide their customers with maximum comfort and pleasant experience. We organize Arctic icebreaker tours, as well as a number of tours in the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions. Arctic icebreaker tours vary in duration and route. Some of the tours to the Arctic go along the Russian northern coastline, and several tours to the Arctic make, in a sense, an almost complete circle around the North Pole. The price of a tour to the Arctic is not low and is suitable for wealthy people, since the maintenance of the icebreaker and the harsh weather conditions require the organizers to prepare themselves as much as possible on the route. Therefore, tours to the Arctic start at 15,000 rubles, and usually their cost is 700,000 – 1,500,000 rubles. However, we promise that you will really remember this trip for a long time. For whom tours to the Arctic are suitable: unfortunately, these Arctic tours cannot be called fully active tourism, since you will spend most of the time on the icebreaker. But it will not be possible to draw an analogy with a “beach vacation” either because of the severity of the climate and the unsociability of the places where you are going. Tours to the Arctic are suitable for lovers of sea cruises and conquerors of the northern seas, who are eager to repeat the paths of the pioneers who discovered these routes and lands.

Not sure if you’re ready? Then we recommend that you try something simpler for the first time! For example, we have wonderful tours to Solovki, which are located in the White Sea, 160 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. On Solovki there are white nights, seals, the sea, relatively comfortable conditions for tourists and, of course, the Solovetsky Monastery. And the price of the tour to Solovki is much lower. However, this is not exactly the Arctic. But let’s leave the choice up to you! Have a nice trip and success! We are waiting for your applications!