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VIP tours to Valaam

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1-2 day
150000 ₽
Any time of the year on request

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Valaam is a place that tourists associate with thousands of pilgrims who storm the island every summer to devote themselves to prayer and get to know the way of life of the brethren. The trip is austere and no-nonsense. Everyone gets on a bus in St. Petersburg or Petrozavodsk and then goes to one of the ports on Ladoga. There is an important plus of such a trip as part of a group – it’s cheap. However, for wealthier tourists, the staff of the Polar Aurora club are ready to offer individual tours to Valaam and VIP tours to Valaam.


100,000 – 1,500,000 rubles *

The cost of a VIP tour to Valaam directly depends on what the tourists want to do


*- The offer is not a public offer. The final cost is agreed with the customer for renting the motor ship SPB Neva VIP.

The tour price includes: discussed with tourists

The tour price does not include: accommodation at tourist centers in the Sortavala region, in St. Petersburg or in Petrozavodsk.

VIP tour to Valaam (about the program)

The difference between such VIP tours to Valaam and individual tours to Valaam is in the approach and organization. There is no need to follow an organized group and to rush somewhere. It is possible to agree on the program, and all the places to visit, up to those that are not quite accessible as part of a group.

The route is consistent with the brethren of the monastery, therefore, even after staying on the island for several hours, you can have time to see those objects that take ordinary tourists 2-4 days to visit. Also, as an individual tour to Valaam or a VIP tour to Valaam, it is provided (upon request) the use of vehicles and the presence of an individual guide throughout the entire planned route. It is possible to organize an overnight stay on Valaam not in standard rooms with shared facilities, but in rooms close to the “suite” option, and dinners, if desired, can be held in the main refectory monastery, and not in the pilgrimage.

Also, during such individual tours to Valaam and VIP tours to Valaam, you can discuss meetings and conversations with the brethren (or with someone from the brethren with whom it would be interesting to talk). These conversations are conducted in a pleasant and private atmosphere. No one is in a hurry, as is the case with group tours.

Usually, for organizing a VIP tour to Valaam, boats, yachts or helicopters are used as transport. It all depends on how much time tourists have. For example, a flight from St. Petersburg to Valaam takes about 1.5 hours. But the yacht has been sailing for about 16 hours, but on the way to Valaam you can see other sights, for example, the Oreshek or Konevets fortress. Speedboats most often make trips from the city of Sortavala, where the most elite tourist centers in Karelia are located. Travel time takes about 1 hour, but the journey to Sortavala from St. Petersburg or Petrozavodsk by car takes about 4-4.5 hours. However, such VIP tours to Valaam are also a success.

Individual tours to Valaam and VIP tours to Valaam are organized at the request of tourists. The cost is significantly higher than a regular group trip, but well worth it! Valaam will appear for you on the other, interesting side with the opportunity to combine the service and energy of this place to the maximum. We are waiting for your applications!

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