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What to take with you to Valaam (tours to Valaam)

Many tourists wonder what to bring to Valaam to make the trip easy and pleasant? Take with you on Valaam comfortable shoes, where you can go Hiking (army boots, sneakers with high soles, small rubber boots), warm clothes, as tourists have a lot of time to spend outdoors. Women during the Valaam tour need to take skirts and shawls to visit the active churches and temples in Valaam. You will also need a good mosquito repellent and midges and cash, as with ATMs and accepting payment from the card on Valaam there are some problems. Also take with you to Valaam need all the necessary documents and medicines that you may need. Ideally, all your things for two or three days should fit in a small travel bag or backpack, as you have to walk a lot.

During the tour to Valaam (Valaam tour) it is not recommended to take expensive phones, tablets, jewelry, laptops and cameras with you, as it can be easily drowned or lost on the road. No one will compensate you for their loss. Do not take and shoes with heels, as well as a variety of bulky things. In any case, do not take any Pets with you, as you just may not be allowed on the island with them.

You can also take a small electric dryer for shoes on the shaft – often can be useful. However, this is an optional condition. Your questions you can send mail polaraurora@yandex.ru

In addition to tours to Valaam, the tourist club “the polar Aurora” organizes tours to Solovki, Kizhi tours, tours in Karelia, tours of Kizhi Valaam, Solovki, tours to Sweden, tours to Finland, tours to Norway, Arctic tours and a number of other exciting trips. Waiting for your applications!

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