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Tour to Kaliningrad “Classic tour of Koenigsberg”

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6 days
14000 ₽
Tour starts every Thursday

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The program of this tour to Kaliningrad is simple, inexpensive and elegant. It is implemented every year without any significant changes, since joining it you will see all the main attractions of the city and its environs. The excursion program includes the following routes: The history of Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad, starting from the 13th century; The Curonian Spit with its unique nature, the resort town of Svetlogorsk and Amber located next to it, where the famous amber, dungeons and a number of tunnels near Kaliningrad are mined, as well as a historical tour dedicated to the conquest of the Prussians by the Teutonic Order (knightly era).


14 000 – 46 000 rubles per person, depending on the type of accommodation

Children under 12 years old include a discount of 1 300 rubles


  • accommodation with breakfast in the selected hotel (5 nights); check-in at the hotel after 14.00, check-out until 12.00;
  • excursion service;
  • entrance tickets for tourist facilities along the route;
  • transfer to the place of departure on excursions for the hotels Moscow, Tourist, Riverside, Academic, Prussia, Baltika, Streletsky.


  • additional excursions
  • remaining food
  • visas for foreign citizens
  • train / plane tickets
  • A number of entrance tickets (see IMPORTANT at the end of the tour program)

Day 1 - Thursday

Arrival in Kaliningrad. Accommodation at the hotel after 14.00.

Free time for walks and visiting museums. At will visit the largest store with amber products “Konigsberg Gold”. The opportunity to visit the only Museum of the World Ocean in Russia.

17-00 “History of Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad” (3 hours).

Sightseeing tour of Kaliningrad with a visit to historical places and the most significant monuments. You will see the unique look of the city, where epochs from the Middle Ages to the present have fantastically intertwined, you will learn the history of the founding of the city, walk along the Kneiphof island, which still remembers Immanuel Kant, the great European philosopher, where the famous symbol of Kaliningrad is located – the Cathedral. You will see the bridges of the old city – “Honey” and “Wood”, fortifications, city gates and miraculously preserved quarters of the garden city, the former districts of Königsberg – “Amalienau” and “Hoofen”.

Free time for walks.

Day 2 - Friday


10-00 Excursion “Journey to Kranz and Nesselbek Castle” (6 hours)

Travel to one of the oldest resorts on the Baltic coast – Zelenogradsk. The history of Zelenogradsk (in the past Kranza) originates from the Krantakrug tavern (from the Prussian word “krantas” – a steep coast) and has more than two centuries. Numerous pensions, motels, beautiful hotels and fashionable private homes adorned the coast of Kranza in less than half a century.

During a tour of Zelenogradsk we will see the architectural appearance of the city, which has been pretty well preserved from German times. In 1885 a railway was built that connected the sea resort with Königsberg. All contributed to the fact that the German Kranz became a favorite vacation spot. Traveling around the historical center of the former German resort, you will see the former fashionable Baltic Sea Hotel, where Stolypin stayed with his wife and daughter during his visit to Kranz. In honor of this fact, a memorial plaque was erected on the historic building.

You can also plunge into the Middle Ages in the castle “Nesselbek” recreated according to all the canons of medieval architecture. The Museum of Medieval Torture (16+), located in the castle tower, offers to see with your own eyes the history of corporal punishment and the tools of the Inquisition. The Museum of Medieval Torture rightfully takes pride of place among the museums of Kaliningrad and is worthy of your attention. Here are the tools that cruelly tortured and killed intruders, conspirators and criminals at different times. All exhibits are restored on the basis of drawings and other historical documents and give visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with what these guns looked like many years ago.

Free time for walks and visiting museums.

Day 3 - Saturday


10-00 Excursion “Curonian Spit – the road to the dunes” (6 hours).

Route: Kaliningrad – Curonian Spit – Fringilla Ornithological Station (from April to November) – pedestrian eco-route “Dancing Forest” – observation deck “Height Efa” – Kaliningrad.

Sands and wind several thousand years ago formed the primary ancient dunes of the Curonian Spit. The Curonian Spit is the largest sand mound in the world, where the world’s second highest dunes are located. These rolling dunes are a unique natural site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Curonian Spit is notable for its extraordinary beauty, magnificent landscapes and rich history.

At will – a visit to the famous and the only “Amber Museum” in Russia, or a concert in the Cathedral on the island of I. Kant.

Day 4 - Sunday


09-00 Excursion “Svetlogorsk-Amber” (8 hours).

Route: Kaliningrad – Svetlogorsk – Amber – Kaliningrad

A trip to the amazing world of sun stone to the largest amber deposit in the world – to the village of Amber.

You will also have a walk along the most beautiful and cozy resort of the Kaliningrad coast – Svetlogorsk. You will learn the legends and history of this town. In any weather, it is pleasant to walk along its streets lined with ancient buildings.

17-00 The end of the tour. Free time for walks and shopping.

Day 5 - Monday


10.00 Excursion “Secrets of the underground Königsberg” (4 hours)

On this day, you will learn the history of the Royal Castle with its complex system of underground passages. The castle was connected by secret tunnels with other important objects of the city. You will see the most powerful fortification that stood guard over the city – Fort No. 3, also full of secrets, go down to the famous Lyasha bunker, where, possibly, the Amber Room is located.

Day 6 - Tuesday

Breakfast, check out from the hotel.

10-00 Excursion “Fire and sword, the conquest of the Prussians by the Teutonic Order” (6 hours) for extra. fee 1200r.

Route: – p. Ushakovo, Brandenburg castle – Ladushkin – Mamonovo – Fort No. 11 Denhoff

Excursion “Fire and sword ….” allows you to touch the early pages of the history of our region – the coming of the Teutonic Order to the lands of the Prussians in the 13th century. This is the tragic story of the forcible Christianization of the union of the Baltic and Slavic tribes that lived on this earth “from the mouth of the Vistula to the mouth of the Neman”, later called Prussians.

16-00 End of the tour.


Check in at the hotel after 14.00, check out until 12.00. The price does not include: travel to Kaliningrad, lunch and dinner, entrance tickets to the Amber Museum – from 80 to 400 rubles, the World Ocean Museum – from 50 to 200 rubles, a ticket for a concert to the Cathedral – from 150 to 300 rubles, additional excursions prescribed in the program.


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