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Diving tour Kaliningrad

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2-3 days
15000 ₽
In summer time upon request

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The Baltic Sea is a relatively harsh region with moody weather, cool and muddy waters. In addition, the legacy of several major wars has left other unpleasant surprises at its bottom – these are mines, shells and much more. And the proximity of other foreign countries always makes the border services of the region alert, which are somewhat nervous when boats and divers appear in the border areas. However, under a certain set of circumstances and the desire of tourists, diving in the Baltic Sea is possible even for beginners. Unfortunately, the Baltic Sea is not so rich in flora and fauna, but there is something to see here.


Upon request and depends on the wishes of tourists


  • Persons with contraindications for health, persons who are intoxicated or under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic drugs are not allowed to dive.
  • The tour is extremely dependent on weather conditions
  • We recommend that you get additional life and health insurance before going on this tour.
  • Checks of documents by border guards are possible.
  • There are age restrictions


The Kaliningrad diving tour program depends on the wishes of tourists. This can be one dive or several dives within two to four days. Your equipment is welcome, but if necessary it will be issued and customized on the spot. At the first stage of “acquaintance” with the instructor and specialist in diving in the Baltic, tourists have to make a small test dive to a depth of 5 meters. Further, after the team works together, you can try more complex routes. If you have certificates confirming your experience, take them with you!

What can be seen at the bottom of the Baltic? Fish, seals, algae and other wildlife. Sunken ships and structures (this good is enough here). Amber can also be found in some places near the coast. Water in the summer, in comparison with the Barents, White and Kara Sea, can be considered very warm. However, according to the classification, the level of difficulty for scuba diving in this area corresponds to the PADI level (Dry Suite PADI certificate). For diving in the Baltic Sea, 6 mm dry wetsuits are used for cold water, mainly from foamed neoprene.

IMPORTANT: the tour is very dependent on weather conditions, as well as exercises in the Baltic Sea. It is necessary to treat all possible delays with understanding, since they are primarily associated with observing safety precautions. Also, diving tours Kaliningrad have a strict restriction on the age and health of the trip participants.

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