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Excursion Kaliningrad “The Knight’s Era”

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5 hours
2400 ₽
Upon request

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The excursion in Kaliningrad “Knightly Epoch” is suitable for lovers of reconstruction and simply interested in the times of the Middle Ages. During the trip, you will go to a real Shaaken order castle, where you will learn a lot about the customs of those times, the Inquisition, you will be able to see the knightly tournament and try some of the medieval cuisine, of course, taking into account modern sanitary norms and rules for cooking. This program is organized for ready-made groups. Upon additional request, it is possible to carry out other entertainment events in the territory of Schaaken Castle. Depending on the season, they differ.


800 – 4,000 rubles per person, depending on the type of accommodation


  • transport service;
  • excursion service;
  • entrance tickets for tourist facilities along the route;
  • food


  • additional excursions
  • remaining food
  • visas for foreign citizens
  • train / plane tickets

Tour program

This program is suitable for groups of no more than 25 people.
The cost is calculated individually upon request.

Do you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, find out who the knights were, how they lived and why they went to the Crusades?

You will learn about this and much more by visiting the medieval order castle of Schaaken. Each will be knighted, and the owner of the castle will personally tell about his secrets, legends and riddles. We promise you a few hours of the real Middle Ages, all traditions and rituals will be observed, in honor of our dear guests we will arrange a real holiday in the castle! Sausages fried at the stake, brewed beer according to a special recipe, and most importantly, the atmosphere, saturated with antiquity and the love of the inhabitants of the castle, will long remain a vivid memory of the Prussian summer.

You will find a fascinating tour of the dungeons of the medieval Inquisition, a tour of the museum of siege war weapons, an animation and entertainment program with the choice of a beautiful lady, a valiant knight, demonstrative knightly battles, demonstration performance of competitive horses, medieval dances, and of course, knightly snacks – sausages, salted cucumbers , bread, signature raspberry pie and herbal tea. Freshly brewed beer is served on the tables! And the mistress of the castle will treat the most persistent knights and ladies with her signature drink – horseradish!

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