Tour for 1 day: Ruskeala Marble Canyon from St. Petersburg

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Tour duration: 1 day
Price: 2000 ₽

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A one-day bus tour to Ruskeala mountain Park is probably the place to start exploring Karelia. His heart-the famous Marble canyon-is a great example of cooperation between nature and man. It was from here that marble was brought for the decoration of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and St. Petersburg metro stations. And here it is possible to feel the struggle of two elements – water and stone, which is famous for the Northern region. In addition to the main canyon, you will see the waterfalls of Ahvenkoski, Italian quarry, Bright lake, and the guide will tell you how this Karelian miracle arose.


* 07: 00 – Departure from St. Petersburg from Zvenigorodskaya station.
Possible landing in front of the metro station Prospekt Prosvescheniya at 07: 30. Please inform the Manager of the desired landing place when booking the tour.
Transfer to a comfortable tourist class bus. Trail tour with a professional guide in Karelia.

• 09:00 – arrival at the town of Priozersk. Possibility to warm up, have a snack, drink tea / coffee (optional).
You will visit one of the oldest ancient cities with a rich history and interesting fate. There are several cultural and historical sites, including the unique fortress of Korela. Visiting the powerful fortress walls, you will be transported back to the middle Ages, and the accompanying guide will tell a lot of legends and secrets associated with this place and its famous prisoners.

• Abandoned Lutheran Church in the town of Lahdenpohja.
The ruins of this once majestic Lutheran Church are still impressive. Built on a hill, it has long remained the architectural dominant of the entire area. Today, the Church still attracts tourists, largely due to the fact that in these places, according to legend, were first recorded runes of the famous epic “Kalevala”.

* 12: 00-Lunch at a cafe on the shore of lake Ladoga.
Paid extra at will.
Please specify your meal plan when booking your tour.

* Sightseeing tour of the city of Sortavala.
The history of the County town dates back several centuries. The first mention of the settlement dates back to the XV century, but the official status of the city was obtained in 1646. Located in the border areas, Sortavala belonged to different periods of Sweden, Finland and Russia and has experienced three complete population changes. About how these events affected architecture and city life style, You learn in a fascinating tour with a guide.

* 13: 30 – visit the picturesque Ruskeala waterfalls.
The banks of the rapids river Tohmajoki-amazing beauty of the place, sung by artists and filmmakers. In particular, here, near four lowland waterfalls Ahvenkoski, were shooting films “a dawns here are quiet” and “Dark world”. Cascades magically fit into the surrounding landscape and, even without being very high, look very beautiful.

• 14:00 – Excursion in the Ruskeala mining Park and the survey of the Marble canyon.
Attention! The price includes entrance tickets to Ruskeala mountain Park and an informative tour with a local guide. You will walk along the steep walls of the Marble canyon, admire its emerald lake, see an abandoned marble factory, an Italian quarry and a Bright lake. And along the way you will learn the history of Ruskeala quarries, where marble was extracted for the decoration of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and other buildings of St. Petersburg.

* 15: 00-Free time in Ruskeala mountain Park.
At Your disposal – a sufficient amount of free time and a wide range of entertainment. If you wish, you can chat and take pictures with Husky, visit the unique new route “Underground Ruskeala”, arrange a romantic boat trip on the Marble canyon or go down with the wind on the Troll.

* 17: 30-Departure to St. Petersburg.
On the way back to the city you will have the opportunity to relax after a busy day of sightseeing, to comprehend the knowledge and enjoy the impressions presented by the generous Karelian nature.

* 19: 00-Visit to Karelian fish farm shop.
A nice bonus for tourists is the opportunity to bring home the gifts of Karelia. You can choose from a wide range of fish at an affordable price from the manufacturer-trout farm.

* 23:00-Arrival in St. Petersburg metro Zvenigorodskaya.
On the way there will be a stop in front of the metro station Prospekt Prosvescheniya.
There may be a delay depending on the traffic situation.

Optional (optional):
* Excursion to Korela fortress-from 100 ₽
* Excursion “Underground Ruskeala” – from 500 ₽
* Boating-400 ₽ per boat (up to 4 people.)
* Rope Park, family track-400 ₽
• A rope Park, a sports track – 1000 ₽
* Troll descent along the entire canyon-1000 ₽
* Bungee jump from the rock canyon-1000 ₽
* Dog sledding Husky – from 1000 ₽
* Photo shoot and chat with Husky-from 100 ₽
• Master-class on making a Karelian charm – 250 ₽
• Visit the souvenir and fish markets.

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