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Excursion to Vottovaara in Karelia with a shaman

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12 hours
45000 ₽
May to September

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This one-day excursion in Karelia to Vottovaara appeared relatively long ago, but only now it has begun to gain popularity. We have developed this route especially for those who, for some reason, cannot go on a two-day tour. In one day we will have time to visit the mysterious Vottovaara rock massif, as well as admire other beauties of Karelia. This tour can be organized with or without shamanic rituals. Most of this excursion in Karelia, unfortunately, takes the road, but it’s worth it! There are two options for an excursion to Vottovaara in Karelia. One unites the Marcial Waters resort, the Girvas volcano and, in fact, Vottovaara, but without a shaman. The second option is a direct trip to Mount Vottovaara with a shaman and rituals. Since the rituals take some time, it will not be possible to visit other places.


A trip to the shaman on Vottovaara without stopping at Girvas and Marcial Waters – 60,000 rubles for a group of 1 to 3 people (per jeep)

Attention: we do not organize combined groups, so the cost will be the same for 1 person and for 3 people. The price does not include meals

The price includes: transfer by car back and forth, meals, shaman’s work indicated in the program

Trip Girvas – Marcial Waters – Vottovaara – 45,000 rubles for a group of 1 to 3 people (per jeep)

Attention: we do not organize combined groups, so the cost will be the same for 1 person and for 3 people. The price does not include meals

*- The offer is not a public offer. The final cost is agreed with the customer

The cost of the tour does not include: accommodation at camp sites in the Sortavala area, in St. Petersburg or Petrozavodsk, as well as a number of additional services, including additional meals.

Program "Shamanism on Vottavaara"

07:30 – Departure from Petrozavodsk to the route by jeep. We usually use a Land Cruiser 80, as the road to Vottovaara Mountain is partly logging. Direct transfer to Vottovaara mountain. The journey takes about 4 hours one way. The road is long, so it will not be possible to visit Girvas and Marcial Waters, as there will be no time for rituals.

12:00 – arrival to the southern slope of Vottovaara, trekking up the mountain, sightseeing. Meeting with a shaman. Carrying out rituals and ceremonies, playing the jew’s harp, enjoying nature, communication and knowledge of oneself and this place of Power – Vottovaara Mountains. Upon request, you can additionally set up a tent, make a shamanic circle and discuss other options for the ceremony.

15:00 – picnic in nature, meat and vegetables on the grill, hot tea. Everything is prepared on site and served outdoors.

16:00 – Departure towards Petrozavodsk. On the way, you can admire the landscapes of Karelia and make a few short stops to take pictures of any sights. If there is time and the weather is favorable, then you can stop at one of the countless lakes for swimming.

21:00 – return to Petrozavodsk to your hotel. End of the tour.

Important! This program does not promote interreligious strife and is presented as a tourist entertainment trip. We do not recommend to believe or not to believe the instructions of any beliefs and religions. This is a personal matter for each person, and our team respects the beliefs of everyone.

Marcial Waters+Girvas+Vottavaara

The program of this excursion in Karelia on Vottovaara is different in that it does not contain elements of shamanism, and on the way, tourists additionally visit the Girvas volcano and the Marcial Waters resort. The rest remains unchanged. At the Marcial Waters resort, you can taste the healing water from three springs and see the Church of the Apostle Peter. And on the Girvas Volcano you can see the Paleozerskaya hydroelectric power station and one of the oldest volcanoes over two billion years old. Further, the route completely repeats the trip to Vottovaara, however, a regular excursion takes place on the mountain with a tour of seids, dolmens and other attractions.

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