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Snowmobile rental in Karelia

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1 day
7500 ₽
December-April (if there is snow)

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Arrival on a snowmobile tour in Karelia. Instruction, selection of equipment by size. Medical examination before the trip (Note-if you have not passed a medical examination for alcohol, the money for the tour is not refundable). Then begins the arrival of snowmobiles on your chosen route Then a trial trip This program we organize only individually and for ready groups!

Included in the price:

  • Briefing
  • Snowmobile rental

The price does not include:

  • Shuttle service to the base

Attention! It is required to dress for the weather and not to drink alcohol on the eve of the trip. The tour operator is not responsible for the denial of service if you do not pass a medical examination for the presence of alcohol. All excursions are carried out in the daytime. The route time may vary due to weather conditions.

Snowmobiles in Karelia

There are several options for snowmobile tours in Karelia

Near Sortavala:

  1. Children’s snowmobile route in Karelia. It takes place on a specially equipped site under the strict supervision of an instructor. From the child the desire and ability to obey is required. The minimum age is 5 years. The trip must be agreed in advance with the instructor. The duration of the trip is 15-30 minutes.
  2. Ladoga Bay on snowmobiles in Karelia. As soon as the ice rises on one of the bays in Ladoga, you can go on snowmobiles. The route is simple, as most of it passes over the flat surface of the lake without unnecessary obstacles on the way. The duration of the trip is 30-60 minutes.
  3. Shore of lake Ladoga on snowmobiles in Karelia. The route leads along the ice of the longest Bay of Ladoga, past the sheer cliffs of Havus island, to the foot of the Roof of Ladoga mountain, offering panoramic views of the Ladoga skerries and the Valaam archipelago. The duration of the trip is 2-3 hours.
  4. Ladoga skerries on snowmobiles in Karelia. The route is possible only with strong ice on lake Ladoga. The route is for experienced snowmobile drivers and those who are not afraid to spend the whole day on the ice. The path passes through most of the attractions of Ladoga skerries and stretches to the mysterious island of Tulolansaari.

Near Petrozavodsk:

  1. On forest roads and lakes on snowmobiles in Karelia. The route passes through lakes, frozen marshes and small forest paths. There are high-speed sections of the route. The distance of the route is about 50-60 kilometers. Duration-2 hours
  2. Snowmobile Safari in Karelia on a forest track. Longer and more intense route. Duration-4 hours.


*The price is in rubles per snowmobile

Sortavala snowmobiles          1 person  2 people
child 2000 _
bay 3500 4000
shore 6000 6500
skerry 18000 20000
 Petrozavodsk snowmobiles 1 person  2 people
2 hours 7500 9500
4 hours 14000 17000

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