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Excursion to Ruskeala from Petrozavodsk

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1 day
4000 ₽
on request

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The tour to Ruskeala starts in the morning. You are picked up at the address and taken to marble canyon. Travel time is about 3.5-4 hours. During the excursion to Ruskeala from Petrozavodsk you will visit the ground part of the Park. Further, by prior agreement or on the spot you can buy entrance tickets to the underground galleries (cost about 1200 rubles per person). In summer, there is a cable car and there is an opportunity to go boating on the quarry. The average stay in the Park – 1-3 hours depending on the time of year and your wishes. Lunch is not included in the price of the tour to Ruskeala, but our guide will show you the best places on the way and offer to make a stop. From November 2, the Park turns on the evening illumination, giving the gray stones of the canyon a completely different, more vivid appearance. This program we organize only individually and for ready-made groups!

The time in the program is preliminary. The tour in agreement with tourists can start and end earlier or later depending on weather conditions, the situation on the road and other factors.

The cost for groups of 6 people is negotiable! Call our Manager. He will figure out what you can save!

Program of excursion to Ruskeala

09: 00 – Transport takes you on a tour to Ruskeala at your designated place. Departure on the route. On the way, the guide will tell you the travel information along the route, as well as draw your attention to the most interesting places on the way. Your way will take place on a picturesque route along the lakes. Closer to the destination you will pass and lake Ladoga. You can ask the driver to make a stop and walk along the shore.

13: 00 – Arrival in Ruskeala. Output from the transport. A short rest before the tour

13: 20 – start of the tour. During the tour to Ruskeala you will visit the main part of the Park-the canyon itself, filled with water, walk through a dry tunnel and enjoy the views and interesting story of the guide. At one of the stops on the route, a stone-working master works. He makes various interesting crafts from marble. You can watch him work and ask him a few questions. Tour time-1-1.5 hours.

14: 40 – Free time. You can walk in the Park, go bungee or take a boat ride (in the summer) on the water surface of the canyon. By prior agreement with the guide, after the main tour in Ruskeala, you can go to the underground galleries located in the Park. The galleries are partially submerged, but they have a floating platform, and the water is illuminated, making this place something like the places from the movie “Avatar”. This excursion to Ruskeala is organized for an additional fee (about 1200 rubles per person). There are age restrictions (children from 4 years).

15: 40 – Independent lunch in a cafe in Ruskeala Park. If you do not like this place, our guide will be happy to tell you other places for lunch on the way to Petrozavodsk.

16: 30 – Departure from Ruskeala Park to Petrozavodsk. The journey time is 3.5 — 4 hours. After the trip, do not hesitate to ask the guide to answer your questions, as well as to ask about other attractions of Karelia.

On the way to Petrozavodsk will be made with the stop about Tominsky waterfalls. Here were shooting one of the films ” and the dawns here are quiet.” The place is beautiful, picturesque and quiet. You can walk for 15-20 minutes and take some interesting pictures

Our guides know everything about this region and will be happy to suggest other interesting places to visit.

20: 00 – Arrival in Petrozavodsk. Transfer to the place you need. The end of the tour in Ruskeala.

Useful information:

The history of marble canyon Ruskeala began a few centuries ago, but its popularity among tourists, this place has gained only in the early 21st century. It was then that this place with azure water became more and more interesting to travelers, and on the way to Karelia there began to make stops for 1-2 days to enjoy the beautiful view of this monument created by both nature and man. Initially, there were organized galleries for the extraction of marble, which was actively used during the construction of buildings and cathedrals in St. Petersburg. Several times the extraction of marble was curtailed, but then resumed with renewed vigor. However, some of the quarries and galleries were specially flooded during the Russian-Finnish war in the 30 – ies of the 20th century, after which they formed lakes with amazing color azure water. After the war, marble mining continued, but in the early 90s of the 20th century, the industry in marble canyon Ruskeala stopped forever. However, the beautiful industrial landscapes, wisely used by nature, attracted Museum staff and tourists. In the early 2000s, the development of the concept for the creation of a tourist route here began. And now this concept is fully implemented. On the territory of the Park Ruskeala prepared several routes for tourists, there are comfortable camp sites, and the interest of travelers to this attraction increases year after year. In the Park you can go boating on flooded quarries, jump off a cliff with a bungee jump, go down into the gallery, go on a historical tour, see ruskealsky failure “Underground lake” , as well as visit a number of interesting places. This makes Ruskeala Park one of the main new attractions of Karelia, which in a few years will be able to compete with the flow of tourists to the Islands of Kizhi and Valaam.


*Price in rubles per person

 Number of people excursion with guide  trip without guide
1 person 17200 13200
2 people 9450 7450
people    6900 5550
people       8550 4700
7000  6200 
people  5900  5200
10 people  3800  3400
20 people  2550  2350

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