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Whales in Murmansk

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1 day
40000 ₽
from April to June, other dates on request

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Of course, whales do not enter Murmansk. They prefer to keep a little away from major ports. However, they are most often observed in the Teriberka area, where we will be happy to help organize a trip to them. Our tour differs from others in that we initially do not offer accommodation and transfers, realizing that many people want to arrive in their cars or choose their own accommodation option. However, we don’t make prefab groups. All whale viewing trips in Murmansk are organized on an individual basis. You book a boat in advance, come to Teriberka and set off on it to sail across the expanses of the Barents Sea. If you are lucky, you will meet whales and much more! To increase your chances of getting lucky, it’s best to come to Murmansk to watch whales from mid-April to late June. At this time of the year, these mammals are found near the coast much more often than usual.

IMPORTANT! The excursion is highly dependent on weather conditions, therefore, please have one or two days in reserve. We cannot guarantee that you will see whales for sure, but we will try our best to make this happen. Namely, we will take you to the right place in favorable weather and at the most suitable time.


35,000 rubles – 240,000 rubles. The cost depends on the options of the services provided, the model of the vessel, the duration of the trip.


excursion service
transport service
tea, light meals on trips


Plane / train tickets
Airport / train station transfers – hotel
Meals and other additional services


comfortable non-slip warm footwear for hiking (for women – without heels)
warm jacket or down jacket
warm gloves and comfortable gloves
warm pants
Supply of food and water

Tour program example

Arrival of tourists to Teriberka. Self-accommodation (we can also help with accommodation and transfers to Teriberka). Preparing for a trip to the Barents Sea. Boarding the ship. Departure for a trip in search of whales (depending on your wishes, the trip time is also regulated.

At this time of the year (from mid-spring to mid-summer), killer whales, fin whales (“herring whales”), narwhals, beluga whales and even blue whales are often found near Teriberka. In addition to them, you can also see seals, but no one pays a salary to whales in Murmansk, so they can appear above the water, surprising tourists and putting on a real show, or you can spend the whole day just contemplating the endless distance of northern waters without a single hint of turbulent underwater life. We ask you to be mentally prepared for such a turn of events!

It is also very important to consider that going out to sea depends on weather conditions. If the rescue services have not given permission to go to sea or the captain has even the slightest doubt, the flight will be canceled or postponed to the next day.

Will you be able to see whales in Murmansk or not? Until you try, you won’t know! However, if everything goes well, then the sight of a pop-up blue whale or a fast, like a black-and-white torpedo, a killer whale in the wild will forever be imprinted in your memory. So take the ship and go in search of hope and adventure! And we will help you with this!

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