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MICE and VIP tours Murmansk

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1-15 days
500000 ₽
upon request

Help me with program selection

This section is intended for corporations, companies and customers who do not quite like the standard regular tours to Murmansk. Our company specializes in events and individual events with a tourist focus. If your boss instructed you to come up with an interesting trip with excursions and a business program in Murmansk, you can safely contact us! Typically, the preparation of the program takes from several hours to 1-2 days, depending on the request. MICE Murmansk and VIP tours to Murmansk are a relatively new destination in this region, so there is no reason to expect superhotels, luxury yachts, luxury cars from this region. However, we will try to make a program that would suit your request as much as possible.

In Murmansk and in the region there are hotels, camp sites, conference rooms, hiking trails, snowmobiles, ATVs, deer, good guides. In the tundra, upon prior request and agreement with the local authorities, various events can be organized. With a great desire and budget (depending on the year), you can even rent an icebreaker “50 Years of Victory” or the ship “Klavdiya Elanskaya” and go on a trip along the coast. There are helicopters here, however, this is the Mi-8. However, at the request of the customer, you can overtake Eurocopter, or Bell from St. Petersburg. It remains for you to briefly describe what your manager wants to see, and we will prepare a program and give answers to all questions so that you can correctly convey the information! We are waiting for your applications! The features of the edge are briefly described below.


FROM 400,000 to 30,000,000 rubles per group

The final cost is calculated based on the preferences of the customer and the services he purchases

About us:

  • We have many large customers.
  • We will quickly and efficiently prepare a program
  • We understand the realities of the region.
  • We are developing a plan for MICE and a VIP tour to Murmansk and will gladly make your adjustments to it, if possible! If only I liked everything
  • We have no complaints or trials. Only good reviews and regular customers
  • We are actively working with Event agencies
  • We have trained guides and accompanying. We are personally familiar with each of them! We will try to find the guides and accompanying interests of your leader!
  • We are doing the full event. It’s a bad idea to ask us for a finished program, then book everything in 10 places by yourself and take only one service from us. At the first overlay (and in such places they happen all the time) your program will fall apart and you will have to deal with these problems, not us. 


The main hotel most suitable for conferences and events is Azimut and Park INN. They have conference rooms, nice staff and everything you need. Also pleasing is the variety and number of rooms. Hotels of this level can easily accommodate 100-150 guests and provide them at the highest level. For example, you can distribute the number of rooms and provide VIPs and suites to the company’s TOPs. Other employees can choose cheaper rooms, but with the same quality of service! If desired, 100-150 guests can be accommodated at camp sites in the region. However, you will need to rent all the camp sites in a certain place. Unfortunately, most of the camp sites do not have high service and is designed for 20-30 people. But they are perfect for individual tours to Murmansk and for relaxing small groups. At your request, we will pick up camp sites and give recommendations on them.

Business part

The Azimut and Park INN hotels have everything you need for large conferences. However, if the customer wishes, such an event can be tried to be transferred to the open air (taking into account the weather and mosquitoes). Once we ordered from Moscow special tents with a capacity of up to 100 people for the conference. It is also possible after coordinating its installation on municipal land (we take it upon ourselves). Our other customers just rented a good fish restaurant and enjoyed local dishes during the event. Upon request, we will also provide transfers and meals during the event. However, the conference option is the most standard. If your boss wants to arrange something unusual, we are waiting for your ideas and implement them based on the capabilities of our region!


There are a number of standard routes that are time-tested. And we recommend not to abandon them completely. These are snowmobiles, ATVs, Teriberka, Sami, possibly skiing and snowboarding in Kirovsk, a sightseeing tour of Murmansk, a trip to a military base in Severomorsk, hunting for the Northern Lights, a trip to Cape Rybachy. Their plus is that even with disgusting weather, most of them will take place.

From local exotics we can offer cod fishing, diving, rental boats and small motor ships, rental helicopters and even icebreakers with a large event budget. However, these directions in Murmansk are just beginning to develop, therefore, for example, a group of 100 people will have to be sent for fishing or diving in parts (10-20 people each). The Mi-8 helicopter also accommodates only 16-18 people. Consequently, the group will be broken. However, for small VIP groups in Murmansk, up to 15 people can leave for events in full force!


The weather in the Murmansk region is very changeable. There are frequent storms, so it will be reckless to assume that everything will go through tight time management, there will be overlays. There will be transfers of difficult routes. But all this is done primarily for security purposes. We do not risk the lives of your superiors and partners. Of course, they will be upset that part of the trip did not go as we would like, but they will be alive and well! Northern nature does not like jokes!

The second trouble awaits tourists in the summer. These are swarms of mosquitoes and midges. Before choosing a venue for MICE and VIP tours, consult with us so that we warn you or, conversely, support your idea. At first glance, this problem with insects seems insignificant, but upon arrival at the place, many will realize that they were very mistaken.


Go camping with the whole team? Why not! Build a drakkara with your team? Great idea! We will bring the details! Expensive, but put it together in 1 day! Arrange paintball competitions in the tundra? It is possible and this! Looking for treasures and bonuses for top managers of metal detectors? Not bad! Only we will pre-bury them in the designated places and check the area for the absence of other dangerous objects in the ground. Invite a local shaman? Sure! Just say what and to whom he must lure. Find treasure at the bottom of the Barents Sea using scuba gear? By the weather! Tell me where and what needs to be drowned, but if the weather turns bad, the treasure will remain there for a long time (then we will take it for ourselves)! Want from Murmansk on an icebreaker to the North Pole? Long, expensive, you need to agree everything in advance, but it is possible! See whales, killer whales, seals? Very interesting! Most importantly, whales and killer whales should be aware that your guests are going to look for them! Just relax for three or four days at local restaurants? This is the favorite event format of our travel director! He will call you when he leaves the pub!
Perhaps there are other options how to entertain your partners and TOPs during the MICE and VIP tour to Murmansk. We are waiting for your ideas!

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