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Visit to the Kola Saami (shaman and reindeer)

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1 day
5350 ₽

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On the Kola Peninsula of Russia, as well as in the north of Sweden, Finland and Norway, the original northern people, the Sami, have been living for centuries. Their native home is the vast expanses of the tundra, and the most faithful and reliable companion is the reindeer, which was both a means of transportation and a source of hides. The Sami led a semi-nomadic lifestyle, moving with their herds from place to place. In addition to breeding deer, the Sami were engaged in hunting, fishing, picking berries. In order to survive in the harsh northern conditions, the Sami learned to subjugate the natural elements. For this, Sami shamans (Noids) performed secret mystical rites. On our tour, we will get acquainted with the culture and customs of the Sami of the Kola Peninsula and plunge into the atmosphere that the indigenous people of the north lived.


1 person – 13 500 rubles per group

2 people – 13 500 rubles per group

3 people – 17 850 rubles per group

4-9 people – 5 350 rubles per person


  • Transport
  • Guide
  • tea with natural northern tea from local herbs and roots with delicious cakes with


  1. acquaintance with reindeer, a story about the features of its breeding and lifestyle. We will feed these friendly creatures and take selfies with them
  2. meeting with a representative of the Sami culture, who will talk about the Sami, their customs, beliefs, and perform fragments of shamanic rituals at the hearth.
  3. inspect Seyd — a sacred sámi stone, which the Sami people in ancient times worshipped, and that according to their beliefs has a secret mystical power
  4. we will drink real Northern tea brewed from local herbs and roots, as well as a delicious pie made from real Northern berries — cranberries, cooked on the hearth.
  5. in the winter ride snowmobile sled around the neighborhood of the churchyard, where we will be able to explore the beautiful sites around the village and admire the beauty of the Northern nature
  6. examination of traditional Sami dwelling — kuoksa and tower


*Price in rubles per person

 Number of people excursion with guide 
1 person 12250
2 people 6750
3 people    5950
4-9 people       5350

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