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How to get to Solovetsky islands

On the ship from Kem or Belomorsk to Solovki:

From 01 June to 15 September (this is the approximate date of the annual opening and closing of navigation in the waters of the Northern part of BBK, sea ports, Kem, Solovki and White sea between the ports).

First method: from the pier in the settlement of Rabocheostrovsk on the ship “Vassily Kosyakov” (suitable for tourists arriving in Kem by train from Moscow) or “the Storm-4” (suitable for tourists arriving in Kem from St. Petersburg). Tickets to the ship Kem – Solovki can be bought in the tourist complex “Prichal” which is located 100 metres from the port or book in advance (it is better to book in advance).

The nearest settlement is the town of Kem (one can get to Kem by train or by car on the highway M18 “Kola”). Distance from Kem railway station to pier in Rabocheostrovsk settlement is 15 km. Tourists arriving by train can use the Shuttle bus service (operates daytime) or a taxi.

Second method: from the pier “19th gateway BBK” in Sizhnya village (near Belomorsk) on the ship “Sapphire”.

The nearest settlement is the town of Belomorsk (travel by train to the station Belomorsk or by car on the highway M18 “Kola” to the city of Belomorsk). Distance from railway station of Belomorsk to pier “19th gateway BBK” No. 2 is 5 miles. Tourists traveling by train can take bus No. 6 or taxi service.

It is impossible to get to Solovetsky islands by water transport when the period of navigation is over.

By plane to Solovki:

* any flight to Arkhangelsk, and then schedule flight Arkhangelsk – Solovki
* direct flight from Moscow to Solovki
* Charter flight St. Petersburg – Solovki
* direct flight Murmansk – Solovki

The airplanes carry out flights on route Arkhangelsk – Solovki – Arkhangelsk in the winter. All other flights are available only during the summer.

“Polar Aurora” offers complete tour packages to Solovki, tours to Solovki from St. Petersburg, tours to Solovki from Moscow, the pilgrimage to Solovki, tours to Solovki Islands from Archangelsk, tours to Solovki from Murmansk and several other tours and services. In this case, you don’t have to think about how, where and what time you need to get. You’ll just enjoy your journey. We’ll take care about everything/

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