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The trip to Solovki: whether to go to Anzer and Muksalma’s translation?

Anzer and Muksalma are not very far from the village, but the sea and bad roads have done their job. To get to them is very difficult. If tourists go on a two-or three-day trip to Solovki, it is almost impossible to get there. Excursion to Muksalma, where the boulder dam is located, takes about 5 hours and is very dependent on the weather. To the strict skits on the island of Anzer groups go for the whole day-the tour lasts about 12 hours and tourists have to walk up to 20 kilometers. However, often during a long tour to Solovki these excursions are included in the price or offer to buy on the spot. We recommend you to count your strength and understand that both routes are very tedious and may not be suitable for all categories of tourists. In our programs of tours to Solovki we take them to additional excursions so that you can make a decision on the spot, whether you should go there or better to see something else.