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When it is possible to see Northern lights in Murmansk

09.09.2019 Polar Aurora

In the cold and harsh time of the year in the Arctic circle and a couple of hundred kilometers away you can see the beautiful multicoloured lights in the sky. These tints change shade from green emerald to bright red and smoothly flow on a starry firmament. This is the Northern lights.

To date, tours to the Northern lights are popular in the Murmansk region

Residents of the North have observed this beautiful natural phenomenon for thousands of years, and each nation has certain beliefs associated with it. For many Finno-Ugric peoples it was a good sign, which meant good luck in hunting or fishing, meeting love, and even a possible conception of the long-awaited child. Others believed that lights were spirits of dead people or their relatives dancing in the quiet Northern starry sky, reminding their descendants. People who met with this phenomenon less often (merchants or other travelers who visited the North), considered it to be not quite good sign, but not quite a bad one. It was believed that the one who sees the Northern lights, will live a long time, but in relatively modest prosperity. However, for regions where people in general were not wealthy, we can assume that long years of life were quite enough. Gradually there are new beliefs. For example, among the peoples of South-East Asia, not so long ago there was a belief that the Northern lights bring good luck, prosperity and success in work, which does not quite fit with the Russian version, but attracts hundreds of tourists from China to the Northern regions of Russia.

To date, tours to the Northern lights are popular in the Murmansk region. Sometimes tourists go to see this natural phenomenon in the Arkhangelsk region. While this region doesn’t have developed tourist infrastructure, in Murmansk tourists can go skiing, visit local small Nations, rent snowmobiles or dog sleds, visit the icebreaker Lenin, and in the evening in clean starry sky admire Aurora (Northern lights). In General, tourists can not just wait for the evening in anticipation of flashes in the sky, but fully occupy their day with other activities.

So what is the Northern lights?

The Aurora Borealis or Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon characterized by a multicoloured glow in the earth’s atmosphere. It is caused by the collision of gas particles in the atmosphere with charged electrons from the Sun’s atmosphere. The most active and bright Northern lights are from the Arctic circle to the North Pole, so you need to watch them in the Northern regions. The frequency of the Northern lights also varies depending on natural factors and solar wind. There are also” southern ” Northern lights, but in order to see them, you have to go to the shores of Antarctica. Northern lights also occur on Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, however, while they can be seen only with the help of modern scientific telescopes.

The most common occurrence in the Northern hemisphere occurs between the equinoxes in late September to late March. In summer, the Northern lights are almost not visible. Do not combine all the necessary factors, and at this time there are white polar days when the sun does not set over the horizon. Most often, it is recommended to go hunting for the Northern lights from 21.00 PM. In addition, strong geomagnetic storms are required for the appearance of the Northern lights. To date, there are a number of weather forecasts that allow you to predict the occurrence of this phenomenon with an accuracy of 90% (unless, of course, there are no clouds in the sky).

What you need to consider to meet The Northern Lights:

1) Geomagnetic environment of the Earth. The stronger the geomagnetic storms, the brighter and more beautiful the glow.

2) Be closer to the Arctic circle, and better to the North Pole

3) Prepare to spend the night outside

4) the Light situation in the city, which affects the appearance of the Northern lights. Because of the brightness of the city lights can not understand that in front of you it is. It is better to choose places away from large cities, where there are almost no large light sources

5) the Sky should be cloudless

6) the Moon and its phases also influence the appearance of the Northern lights. This factor should also be considered

7) Attitude. On average, it is rare for anyone to catch the Aurora Borealis on the first day of their arrival outside the Arctic circle. Usually the hunt for the Northern lights lasts 3-5 days, despite the accuracy of forecasts

8) Radiance can be seen in the Central part of Russia, but it occurs less frequently than in the Northern regions of Russia

What is confused with the Northern lights

1) Small feather clouds (especially when the glow is weak) under certain lighting conditions

2) Unsuccessful or successful launches of missiles and other military equipment ( rocket fuel can leave a trail similar to the Northern lights)

3) Traces of aircraft in the night sky

How to photograph or shoot the Northern lights?

For a good photo or video recording of this natural phenomenon, you will need a semi-professional or professional equipment, but during our tours to Murmansk and hunting For the Northern lights, our tourists are usually accompanied by a professional photographer who is always happy to share with tourists beautiful photos of this mysterious natural event. Those who still came with his technique, he will give a couple of tips on how best to configure it for the upcoming photo shoot.

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