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Cruises to Solovki

There are two types of motor ship tours to Solovki. One of them begins in Moscow or St. Petersburg, from where tourists descend along rivers, lakes and canals throughout the week to the White Sea, and then go out into it and enter the famous islands.

The second cruise to Solovki implies a shorter duration of stay on the water, but in this case you will need to do part of the journey by train by car or bus. You need to get to Belomorsk or Kemi, from where motor ships depart for Solovki every day.

The ship from Belomorsk usually departs at 8.00 in the morning, and arrives on the Solovetsky Islands at 12.00. From Kem (and the distance between Belomorsk and Kemu on the highway or train is about 50 kilometers), the journey by boat to Solovki takes 2 hours. Motor ships depart at 8.00 and at 12.30, however, the exact time is better to clarify by phone. You should also think in advance about buying tickets for a ship to Solovki via the Internet, as it happens that there may not be enough places on the ships physically to pick up everyone. First of all, they will take those who already have tickets. In Kem and Belomorsk you will need to get to the port. The easiest way to do this is to take a taxi. At the station square, local taxi drivers already know about the arriving tourists and meet them. Find a car is not difficult.

To go by boat to Solovki, this is a great idea for both a couple in love and for a group of friends. During the tour, you can enjoy the water surface, the beauty of the Karelian shore, as well as the severity of the White Sea. By the way, during the transition through the White Sea, we advise you to carefully look around. Near the islands (not yet reached the open sea) and near the Solovki you can often find seals that swim and hunt fish near the vessel.

From Solovkov the ship to Belomorsk usually departs at 18.00, and to Kem at 16.00 and at 19.00. Again, we recommend checking the time of departure in advance, so as not to stay on the Solovetsky Islands for another day and not to miss the train. Ticket price is 1600 rubles for adults, but for a number of little travelers discounts are available For example, for children under three years old, travel is free. There are also discounts for primary school children.

You can buy a cruise to Solovki right now. To do this, call the number listed in the upper left corner, or order a callback. We will select a convenient time for you, and reserve the required number of seats.

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