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(English) Have a drink and argue with Russian (special tour)

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2,5 часа
7 800 ₽
Даты заезда:
Ежедневно в вечернее время

Помочь с выбором программы/Запросить расчет тура

Данная программа предлагается только иностранным гражданам, так как граждане РФ и стран СНГ могут организовать ее самостоятельно 🙂



7 800 rubles – 1 person

8 200 rubles – 2 people

8 600 rubles – 3 people



Details in the program of the tour



Nutrition. Other details in the program of the tour


NOTES: We adhere to a healthy lifestyle, therefore, if desired, you can replace alcoholic drinks with tea, juice, water or coffee! Alcohol is harmful to health! Be careful!



You came to Russia, visited a number of excursions, but do not know what to do in the evening? We offer you an interesting and completely safe tour “Drink with a Russian.” During this excursion you will pleasantly sit in the bar and be able to ask any question that interests you. How life is in Russia, tolerance, politics, disputed territories, national and international problems, life, earnings, family, relations between men and women – you can ask everything that interests you! And your interlocutor will gladly answer you, support the conversation and you will enter into an active discussion! After relaxing at the bar, the guide will take you by taxi to the hotel and make sure that you enter it.
You can also go on this tour with your friends (you + 2 people). Such a number of tourists is associated with the capacity of the table in the bar (4 people), as well as with the capacity of a taxi (4 people + driver).

The program price includes:

1) Taxi in the center of St. Petersburg on the way back
2) 50 grams of vodka + 0.5 liter of beer purchased at the bar. You can replace alcoholic drinks with tea, juice, water or coffee. 
3) 3 hours of communication with real Russian who can speak English (other foreign languages ​​on request)
4) Booking a table in the bar (during holidays the price may vary)

The program price does not include:

1) Other meals and drinks purchased by you at the bar

The tour operator guarantees:

1) Honesty, integrity and well-being of the guide
2) Taxi provision (official taxi service)
3) Safety of sightseers during sightseeing

Forbidden (tour guide and excursionists):

1) Sexual harassment of everyone in the bar and taxi
2) bodily harm, damage to clothing and material assets
3) Damage to the property of the bar (broken dishes and broken furniture are paid according to the price list of the bar to the culprit of the incident)
4) Damage to the property of a taxi (a dirty salon is paid by the culprit of the incident)
5) Hooliganism, loud obscene language and violation of public order
6) Contact and pester other bar customers
7) Insult clients and employees of the bar
8) Deviate from the tour route and the road to the hotel without coordination with the tour operator
9) Excessive alcohol consumption before the start of the tour
10) The use of narcotic and psychotropic drugs before and during the tour
11) Participation in the excursion of persons under 21 years of age
12) Drinking drinks and dishes brought to the bar with you
13) Photo and video shooting in the bar without the consent of the owner of the bar

Tour is possible by prior booking! The client is sent a contract and an act of completion. Before the start of the tour, the client signs the contract, sends a copy with the signature to the tour operator. The certificate of completion and absence of claims is signed after the end of the tour.

In case of violation of prohibited actions, the tour operator is not responsible for the quality of the service provided and the consequences caused by these violations. Money for the tour is not returned. For the safety of the personal property of the client, the responsibility lies with the client. Excessive use of alcohol causes harm to your health!

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