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Winter Fishing in Karelia

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4-8 hours
25000 ₽
January to March on request

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Fishing in Karelia in winter is organized most often on hovercraft or snowmobiles. In recent years, ice on large lakes has been freezing closer to mid-December, and on Lake Ladoga the ice cover does not become completely at all, so it is difficult to predict the exact date of fishing. It would be most logical to name the dates from January to the end of March. The main prey is, of course, perch and roach, but it all depends on the bait and the idea of ​​ice fishing. Our company is ready to help you organize such fishing in Karelia in winter, but renting a hovercraft or snowmobiles is not the cheapest service. If you are a fan of just sitting with a chaise on the lake, then in Karelia you will find hundreds of camp sites on small lakes, which will gladly provide you with gear. A large catch, of course, is unlikely to be expected, but the process itself delays.


Fishing in Karelia Onega – from 20,000 to 80,000 rubles. Possible multi-day tours with sightseeing (Kizhi, Pegrema, etc.)
Fishing in Ladoga Karelia – from 25,000 to 90,000 rubles. Possible tours with sightseeing (Valaam, Konevets)

IMPORTANT: this service is extremely dependent on weather conditions, so it is advisable to have 2-3 days in stock in case of bad weather on water bodies. The final cost is formed depending on the wishes of tourists. In the absence of a catch, money for fishing will not be returned!

About Karelia winter fishing

The most popular place for winter fishing in Karelia is Lake Onega. The ice cover on it becomes suitable for hovercraft use from January. By February, it becomes possible to organize fishing directly from Petrozavodsk. Often, guests combine fishing and a trip to the Kizhi island. After visiting the monuments, you can go fishing for an hour or two. It is more profitable and more interesting.

The second option is snowmobile fishing. Fishing in winter in Karelia is included in multi-day snowmobile tours, which are also posted on our website. The meaning is the same. During the move, the group stops at one of the lakes, drills holes and catches fish (roach or perch). Next, the fish soup is prepared from the caught fish.

COST: The cost of fishing in Karelia in winter ranges from 15,000 to 55,000 rubles per trip. A more accurate cost depends on the wishes of the fishermen. It is possible to organize a two-day or three-day fishing tour.

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