Winter Aurora 2018 – tour to aurora borealis in Murmansk

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Tour duration: 3 days
Price: 23198 ₽
30.11.2018-02.12; 07.12.2018 – 09.12.2018; 21.12.2018 – 23.12.2018; 28.12.2018 – 30.12.2018

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The cost of the program includes:
– accommodation in “Azimut” hotel in “Smart Superior” rooms or hotel
“Provincial” in the rooms of category “Standard” with double occupancy
– Breakfast buffet in the Azimuth or integrated with the elements of the “buffet»
– lunch, according to the program (lunch in Azimut or Provincial hotel, lunch in a cafe
p. Teriberka, lunch in the town of Apatity)
– full information support during the tour
– transport service according to the program
– excursion service according to the program (3 excursions): on a visit to Husky,
Journey on the coast of the Arctic ocean, Hunting for the Northern Lights.
– support of a professional guide-photographer on the tour ” Hunting for the North
– professional photos of tourists on the background of the Northern Lights
– hot tea/coffee during the tour

The cost of the program is not included:
– travel to Murmansk and back
– suppers

Day 1

Arrival of group members, check in at the hotel.
Lunch at the hotel
Free time or departure on excursion ” on a visit to the Kola Saami»*
You will be able to visit the monument to Alyosha – “the Defenders of the Arctic” – this
The 35-meter high monument is a symbol of Murmansk and the second highest monument in
Russia after the monument to Motherland. There is also an ancient rock ledge
“Mutton forehead”, which is more than 2.5 billion years old. A memorial to the sailors,
those who died in peacetime. In the center is a lighthouse, next to which is installed
the ship’s anchor with the capsule with sea water laid under it, near the cabin of the legendary
nuclear submarine “Kursk” and the Temple ” Saved on the Waters»
Also in Murmansk there are monuments “who can wait”, “singing Stella”, ” Cod»,
“Sea wolf”, “cat Semyon”.
You can visit the largest ice-free seaport in the Arctic
about. Here the world’s first nuclear icebreaker “Lenin” has become the eternal Parking lot,
where was filming of the movie “Icebreaker”. Museum Icebreaker Lenin works with
Wednesday to Sunday inclusive. From the berths you can admire the port, the Bay,
passing ships and make interesting photos.
19: 00-free time or departure for the Northern Lights Hunting excursion, at
favorable weather conditions

Day 2

A trip to the cheerful, active and friendly Northern dogs
Breakfast at hotel
09: 00 – departure for the tour
On the road about 2.5-3 hours one way
12: 00-14: 00-arrival at the Husky farm, acquaintance with the breed of Husky, a story about
features of breeding and care of dogs, communication and games with Huskies, riding in
husky-drawn sleigh.
14: 30-15: 30 – lunch
15: 30-return to Murmansk, free time.
18: 00/19 – 00-departure to the Northern Lights under favorable conditions

Day 3

Breakfast at hotel, check-out
A trip to the legendary Northern village, located on the Edge of the Earth, in
in recent years, it has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world – in Teriberka.
08: 15-08: 30-gathering of the tour participants in the hotel lobby
08: 30 – departure for the tour
08: 30-10: 30 – the trip to Teriberka starts from Murmansk and passes through
Arctic tundra-a vast area in the North of Russia, Canada and Greenland, where
there is no vegetation in the form of trees. Along the way we will see the Bow
Cross, Seid-stone of mysterious origin, in which, according to beliefs
Sami, lives the spirit of the deceased shaman and landscapes reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords.
10: 30-12: 30 – excursion to the village of Teriberka. The place became known thanks to the filming
paintings “Leviathan”, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2014. Abandoned
fishing huts and life of local residents.
12: 30-13: 30-lunch at the cafe (Teriberka village)
13: 30-15: 30-we will make a stop at the cemetery of old abandoned ships,
submerged in a small Bay, take a walk along the coast and visit
a picturesque waterfall flowing into the Arctic ocean. Make great selfies on
the cliff of a steep rock, going into the depths of the sea.
15: 30-departure to Murmansk
17-arrival in Murmansk

Excursion "Hunting for the Northern Lights"

meeting guests at the hotel
departure for the night “hunt” for the Northern Lights with a professional guide-
on the road-the story of the Northern Lights: how it occurs, the traditions of the peoples
the North, associated With the Northern Lights, modern ways of studying the lights and its
impact on human life
arrival at the place of observation, observation of the Northern Lights, professional
photo session on the background of the Northern Lights
return to the hotel
Departure on excursion takes place in one of evenings of stay of tourists in Murmansk.

Tour description

The Northern Lights are a unique feature of the Kola Peninsula. Season
Radiance begins in late August and lasts until early April. Few people
knows that the Northern Lights can be seen from the end of August, that it
it does not depend on snow, frost and the arrival of winter. Autumn Radiance is the same
beautiful and enchanting, like winter, and it depends on the sun
activity in the dark.

Since ancient times, the Northern Lights attracted people with their mystical
mysterious light, it evolved legends and tales. in the East
there is a belief that the one who at least once saw this natural
a phenomenon that will live happily ever after for the rest of your life.

We invite you to make an exciting hunt For the Northern Lights, and in
daytime walk through the autumn Murmansk, visit the ancient
the fishing village of Teriberka, which became a place of worship for tourists after
the release of the film “Leviathan” and the ethnic settlement of the indigenous Saami
residents of North!

We will give you a feeling of real freedom, majestic views
Arctic ocean, autumn landscapes of harsh Northern nature and
the pleasure of rest and travel.Join us!

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