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Tour to Karelia for school and student groups (summer)

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6 days
30 050 ₽
June - August, as well as at the request of ready-made groups

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The vacation tour from St. Petersburg to Karelia is intended for school groups who plan to visit this region rich in sights. During the tour, schoolchildren and their companions will visit Kizhi Island, go to Kivach Waterfall + Martial Waters + Girvas Volcano, get acquainted with the history of the city of Petrozavodsk, and also visit the marble canyon of Ruskeala. We use buses with a license and the right to transport school groups. Our guides love to conduct excursions for children and try to make them as interesting as possible.


30 100 – 32 100 rubles / person for double occupancy




Transport service, entrance fees, accommodation at the camp site with room amenities, three meals a day, excursions according to the program



Train / plane tickets, souvenir and pocket expenses.

NOTES: The order and time of visiting sites and attractions can be changed by the host as a result of weather conditions or local events without changing the content of the tour.

Day 1

23.20 – departure from St. Petersburg by train. Relaxation. Responsible persons from the school go with the group

Day 2

06.50 – Arrival in Petrozavodsk by train 018A Karelia. Meeting at the station.

07.20 – Hearty breakfast in the cafe of the Piter INN hotel

08.15 – Excursion to the Kivach waterfall + Marcial Waters + Girvas volcano (about 7 hours). Departure on the route. We use comfortable buses and cars designed for trips. All have the necessary documents for transportation. The guide leaves with you and will be happy to answer all your questions along the way. Drive about 1.5 hours.

09.45 – The first stop on the way during the excursion Girvas – Marcial waters – Kivach – this is the resort of Marcial waters. This resort was founded under Peter I when they discovered water with a high iron content. Near the resort there is a sanatorium where you can purchase a ticket with wellness treatments. It is still valid, and water from glandular springs is used for a number of them. It is believed that water from these sources helps to increase the level of iron in the blood, which reduces the unpleasant effects of a number of diseases and increases immunity. The name of the resort comes from the god of war and iron – Mars. Also during the tour you will visit the small museum and the church of the Apostle Peter. Water can be tasted and taken with you, however, its shelf life is only a few hours. Further, the iron settles to the bottom in the form of a cloudy red sediment. Peter I himself four times came for treatment to the resort he founded.

12.00 – Arrival at the Kivach Nature Reserve, where the famous Karelian Falls is located. Departure to a nature trail that will lead to the waterfall itself. During the walk you can enjoy the local nature, as well as look into the museum of local lore. All the trees and the most interesting plants in the reserve along the trail are signed. The waterfall itself, about 10.7 meters high, does not freeze even in the winter season. Before the construction of the hydroelectric power station on the river, it was one of the largest flat waterfalls in Europe, however, due to the drop in water level, it lost this status. Nevertheless, for the European region Kivach is still a large waterfall

14:00 – Lunch in the cafe of the Kivach nature reserve. It is located at the exit to the parking lot, where transport will wait. Lunch is not included in the program price.

14.40 – Departure to the last point of the route, Girvas volcano. For 2.6 billion years, this volcano erupted in such a way that not one of the modern eruptions in the last couple of thousand years is unlikely to be compared with it, but now it is very difficult to understand that such natural phenomena took place here. Girvas Volcano was discovered quite by accident as a result of the drainage of the Suna River. In its channel (or rather, this river was in the vent and lava flows of the volcano), it was discovered. The tour is dedicated to the geology of the Karelian region and its nature. The hill offers a good view of the Karelian forests.

16.00 – Departure by bus to the camp site

17.00 – In the evening, arrival at the Marcial Keys camp, or Urozero.

19.00 – Dinner. Relaxation. Conducting training activities planned by accompanying teachers.

21.00 – Preparation for bed. Washing, inspection of clothes and so on

22.00 – Go sleep

Day 3

09.00 – Breakfast at the camp site

Transfer to the port.
09.45 – Landing on the Meteor.

10.15 – Departure of the Meteor (1 hour 30 minutes on the way) to the island of Kizhi. Breakfast is on the way.

11.45 – Arrival on the island of Kizhi. The excursion program in the Museum of Wooden Architecture, the restoration of the monuments of which takes place in front of the eyes of the whole world. The island has unique churches, chapels, a bell tower, old houses, mills, barns, and forges. You will visit the Intercession Church and ethnographic expositions in peasant houses, learn about traditional Zaonezhsky crafts: beadwork, gold embroidery, knitting with one needle and many others.

Free time. Lunch on Kizhi in a cafe.

15.45 – Departure from the island of Kizhi.

17.15 – Arrival in Petrozavodsk. Transfer to the camp site.

18.15 – Arrival at the camp site.

19.00 – Dinner. Free time

21.00 – Preparation for bed. Washing, inspection of clothes and so on

22.00 – Go sleep

Day 4

08.00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Transport takes you on an excursion to Ruskeala at your designated place. Departure on the route. On the way, the guide will tell you travel information along the route, and will also draw your attention to the most interesting places along the way. Your path will go along a picturesque track along the lakes. Closer to your destination, you will pass Lake Ladoga. You can ask the driver to stop and take a walk along the shore.

13:00 – Arrival in Ruskeala. Exit the transport. A short rest before the start of the tour

13:20 – The beginning of the tour. During the excursion to Ruskeala, you will visit the main part of the park – the canyon itself, filled with water, walk through a dry adit and enjoy the views and the interesting story of the guide. At one of the stops on the route, a stone-working master is working. He makes various interesting crafts from marble. You can observe his work and ask him a few questions. Tour time – 1 – 1.5 hours.

14:40 – Free time. You can take a walk in the park, go on a bungee or ride a boat (in the summer) along the water surface of the canyon. By prior agreement with the guide, after the main excursion to Ruskeala, you can go to the underground adits located in the park. The adits are partially flooded, but a floating platform is installed in them, and a backlight is installed in the water, making this place something like the places from the movie Avatar. This excursion to Ruskeala is organized for an additional fee (about 1200 rubles per person). There are age restrictions (children from 4 years old).

15:40 – Lunch at a cafe in Ruskeala Park.

16:30 – Departure from Ruskeala Park to the zoo, where various interesting animals are located.
17:45 – Departure to Petrozavodsk. Travel time is 3.5 – 4 hours. After the trip, do not hesitate to ask the guide to answer your questions, as well as ask about other attractions of Karelia.

20.00 – Arrival at the camp site.

19.00 – Dinner. Free time

21.00 – Preparation for bed. Washing, inspection of clothes and so on

22.00 – Go sleep

Day 5


Free day for quizzes, sporting events and educational programs for accompanying schoolchildren. By agreement with the parties, we can invite a specialist in orienteering to the camp site and hold a small competition.




Day 6

Breakfast. Rest at the camp site.
11.00 – Delivery of rooms. Departure from the camp site.

12.00 – Tour of the shungite grotto in Petrozavodsk

13.00 – Lunch

14.00 – Start of the bus and pedestrian Sightseeing tour of the city of Petrozavodsk with a visit to all the main attractions.

16.30 – End of the tour

16.45 – Dinner

17.30 – Boarding the train

18.00 – Departure of the train from Petrozavodsk (Swallow)

23.00 – Arrival in St. Petersburg. Parents meet children at the station. The end of the tour.

About the advantages of the program

  1. Buses and other vehicles are equipped to transport school groups
  2. By agreement, you can make the program shorter or longer
  3. At these camp sites we constantly place school groups, however, upon request, a different choice is possible.
  4. We select the best guides in the direction and in no case save on them
  5. Three meals a day in checked places
  6. Our guide also takes an active part in childcare
  7. The school group is busy for exactly one week of vacation time and spends it to good use!

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