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Tours for school groups in Karelia (spring and autumn holidays)

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Spring and Autumn Holidays

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The tourist club “Polar Aurora” annually organizes tours and excursions in Karelia for school and student groups. We offer all educational institutions to go on a tour of Karelia with us, as our company is one of the few that complies with all safety requirements when working with school and student groups.


Upon request




Transport service, entrance fees, accommodation at the camp site with room amenities, three meals a day, excursions according to the program



Train / plane tickets, souvenir and pocket expenses.

NOTES: The order and time of visiting sites and attractions can be changed by the host as a result of weather conditions or local events without changing the content of the tour.

About tours for school groups in Karelia

For tours and excursions in Karelia for schoolchildren and students, we use licensed buses that have the right to transport children. If necessary, we inform our route to the traffic police and even arrange escort. With a lack of accompanying people, we are ready to provide ours. We also have a general practitioner ready to go on a trip with the children.

We order lunches and dinners only in trusted places and carefully monitor the well-being and mood of our group. The trip program is consistent with the institution to the last detail, so there can simply be no hidden overpayments and commissions.

Of the minuses – our tours may seem to you somewhat more expensive than competitors, however, child safety is our top priority, and we recommend that you not save on it, choosing unverified camp sites, people and vehicles.

At the request of the institution, you can develop a tour of any duration and intensity. Especially often these tours to Karelia are acquired by schools in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The camp site is selected together with the educational institution. Next, the excursion part is compiled. The most popular routes in spring and autumn are the Ruskeala mountain park, Kivach waterfall and the Marcial waters resort, a sightseeing tour of Petrozavodsk. However, this is a story, and children want something more interesting. In the spring we are ready to offer dog and reindeer sledding. The most interesting thing is that children operate dogs and deer on their own, but under the supervision of an instructor! Therefore, it is fun and safe at the same time! During the autumn holidays, you can also ride a deer.

Also, during spring and autumn holidays, trips to the zoo near Ruskeala, where real bison roam, or to the zoo complex “Three Bears”, where you can get acquainted with the fauna of Karelia and socialize with cute animals in the usual conditions, are available. If necessary, we can help with the organization of various master classes for students during the tour to Karelia for spring and autumn holidays.

We also conduct similar tours for school groups on holidays from St. Petersburg. In this case, the group goes to the area between the cities of Sortavala and Priozersk. The program is slightly different, but everything can be discussed! We are waiting for your applications! And are ready to answer any questions!

Here you can find a tour for school groups in Karelia from St. Petersburg in the summer and a tour for school groups in Karelia from Moscow in the summer. These are sample programs that you can use to develop your programs!

About the advantages of the program

  1. Buses and other vehicles are equipped to transport school groups
  2. By agreement, you can make the program shorter or longer
  3. At these camp sites we constantly place school groups, however, upon request, a different choice is possible.
  4. We select the best guides in the direction and in no case save on them
  5. Three meals a day in checked places
  6. Our guide also takes an active part in childcare
  7. The school group is busy for exactly one week of vacation time and spends it to good use!

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