Tour to Valaam (3 days) with accommodation in hotel “Igumenskaya”

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Tour duration: 3 days
Price: 15900 ₽
June: 2-4; 16-18; 30.6-2.7;
July: 14-16; 23-25;
August: 4-6; 15-17; 25-27;

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travel bus+boat;
hotel accommodation;
meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner),
excursion service.

air and railway tickets to St. Petersburg
additional excursion

Day 1

Arrival in St. Petersburg. Meeting the group with a guide in the building of the Moscow railway station at the monument to Peter the Great at 5: 30 am (do not be late!). Transfer to Priozersk to the pier of Valaam monastery. Travel information on the route. Transition on lake Ladoga on the ship of the Valaam fleet to the island of Valaam. Arrival at the Monastery Bay. Accommodation in hotel “Abbot.” Lunch (during your stay on the island, meals at the monastery). Excursion to the Central estate of the Valaam Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery: the majestic Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the assumption refectory Church, cell buildings and outbuildings, the old brotherly cemetery. Supper.

Day 2

Breakfast. Moving to Nikon Bay. Excursion to the monasteries of Balaam: resurrection, where in the lower Church is arranged a semblance of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and the Gethsemane monastery. Tour “Konevska of the lake.” You will meet with a surprisingly picturesque corner of Valaam. Lunch. Excursion to one of the most beautiful monasteries of Valaam – Nikolsky skit. Concert of Church chants, which gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient, amazing in its strict beauty tradition of Church singing (for donation, payment at the entrance). Supper.

Day 3

Breakfast. The release numbers. Free time on the island, camping. Walking through the extremely picturesque surroundings. For an additional fee on the site at Your request, you can organize the following excursions: “Holy island”, where the monastery is located in the name of St. Alexander of Svir miracle worker, or “St. Vladimir monastery”-the newest monastery, built in 2007 for the 20th anniversary of the revival of monastic life. Return to the Central estate. Lunch. Boarding the ship. Transition on lake Ladoga in Priozersk. Transfer to St. Petersburg. Departure to Moscow or to Your city by night train (after 0.00 hours).


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