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Tour to Valaam 1 day

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1 day
6400 ₽

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Sightseeing tour on the “Meteor” to Valaam from St. Petersburg for 1 day. The tour begins in St. Petersburg, on a sightseeing bus the group travels to Priozersk. In Priozersk there is a landing on a hydrofoil ship – Meteor. A meteor takes about an hour to Valaam from Priozersk.




6 400 – 7 100 rubles per person, depending on the type of accommodation


bus + meteor

program excursions

hotel accommodation

food (breakfast, lunch on the first day, dinner)


additional excursions

remaining food

When planning a trip, you must have a sufficient reserve of time – at least 3 hours after the end of the program, since delays due to force majeure circumstances – adverse weather conditions on Lake Ladoga (storm and its consequences, fog, etc.), difficulties are possible when driving (traffic jams) on roads and other unforeseen factors.

Tour program

07.45 – group Gathering at the Vyborg highway in front of the store OKEY (St. m. Ozerki).
8.00-departure of the bus, travel time to Priozersk 2 hours 30 minutes.
11.00-transfer by boat “meteor” to Valaam island, travel time 1 hour 15 minutes, stay on the island from 12.15 to 18.00.
18.00 – departure of m/V “meteor” from the island.
Return of the bus to the metro station “Ozerki” approximately at 22.30.

The program includes: travel information on the route, excursions to the Central estate, St. Nicholas skete, lunch in the pilgrimage refectory. Concert of Church chants (entrance to the concert is free, for donation).

When planning a trip, it is necessary to have a sufficient reserve of time – at least 3 hours after the end of the program, as there may be delays due to force majeure-adverse weather conditions on lake Ladoga (storm and its consequences, fog, etc.), congestion (“traffic jams”) and other unforeseen factors.


On the eve of the trip, tourists receive an SMS message with the mobile phone number of the guide and the bus number. The guide is available to call no earlier than 07.40 am and no later than 08.00 am. The guide should only call in case of an emergency, for example, to inform about the delay of tourists or the impossibility of making a trip to Karelia for 1 day.

Departure of the bus to the flight is made without delay at 08.00. If tourists arrive late to the group’s meeting point, they are invited to catch up with the group by taxi, having learned from the guide the number, bus brand, route, as well as the place of possible boarding the bus, or refuse to travel. Questions about compensation for the cost of a trip to Karelia for 1 day, if there are grounds, are resolved at the place of purchase of the permit.

In case of a storm on lake Ladoga, the trip is cancelled in the morning before departure. All questions about the postponement of the trip to other dates, as well as the return of funds are resolved by phone office during working hours at the place of purchase.

We ask you to bring your passport (for a child – a copy of the birth certificate), insurance policy.

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