Tour to Solovki on February, 23rd

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Tour duration: 4 days
Price: 24500 ₽

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transport and excursion service on the Solovetsky Islands
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Winter is a picturesque season in the Solovki. The dazzling sun and the brilliance of the icy snowy plains attract both lovers of winter entertainment and philosophically minded travelers. Artists and photographers tend to get to the islands in the winter. Winter Solovki – a paradise for those seeking solitude and contemplation of natural beauty. Due to the peculiarities of the microclimate, the archipelago is a kind of oasis in the northern latitudes. During this period of long nights, the mysteries of auroras in the form of moving giant colored snake-like figures are played out over the Solovki. In winter, tourists visit divine services in the temples of the Transfiguration Monastery, travel to distant monasteries, to an ancient dam from glacial boulders, lake fishing, as well as ski trips and snowmobile outings. During the winter period there are no summer rush and crowds in Solovki. Everything is simple, strictly and calmly. Clear snow, high sky. You can go on excursions dedicated to the history of the monastery, go to the working Holy Ascension monastery on Sekirnaya mountain, walk to the desert of St. Philip or the Botanical Garden, ski in the reserved winter forest.
Our recommendations: gather a friendly company from five or more people or several families and go on a trip together! Corporate groups of 10 or more people – additional discounts!

Day 1

Arrival in Arkhangelsk by train / plane, transfer to Talagi / Vaskovo airport (on your own if necessary).
12:00 – Check-in for the flight.
13:20 – Departure by plane to the Big Solovetsky Island.
14:10 – Arrival at Solovki. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel Solovetskaya Sloboda. Accommodation in rooms with private facilities.
15:00 – Lunch at the hotel cafe.
16:00 – Sightseeing tour of the Solovetsky Kremlin (2.5 hours) – the tour introduces visitors to the history and architectural features of the monuments of the central complex of the Solovetsky monastery. During the tour, visit the existing temples, monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Route and objects of display: Holy Gate, Sacristy, gallery of the central complex, Trinity Cathedral, Annunciation Church, gallery of the battle course of the fortress wall, Spinning tower.
18:30 – Dinner (on your own).
19:00 – In the morning and evening of each day of the trip, you are invited to independently attend worship services in the Solovetsky Monastery. Tourists are also available daily (by reservation, for extra charge): Russian bath, participation in the process of smoking fish, ice fishing, sauna in the hotel, billiards, ski rental.

Day 2

08:30 – Breakfast in the hotel cafe.
09:30 – Departure on snowmobiles on the lake – channel system on the route Isakovo – Sekirnaya Gora – Savvatyevo (4 hours). St. Isaac’s skete was founded in the 16th century and is located exactly in the middle between the Pine Bay and the monastery. Tourists will see the worship cross, monastery bath and outbuildings. Savvatyevo – a place of settlement prep. Savvaty and Herman in 1429. Skit was founded in the XIX century, after the events of the Crimean War. During the camp period, the first political skete was founded here, and during the Great Patriotic War, one of the battalions of the Young School (1942-1945). Tourists will see the Church of the Smolensk Mother of God, cell corps, cedar grove, worship cross, farm buildings. Tourists will visit one of the highest points of the Big Solovetsky Island – Sekirnuyu Mountain, from the top of which there is an unforgettable view of the northern part of the Big Solovetsky Island and the White Sea. They will get acquainted with the history and monuments of the current Holy Ascension Skete, where, at the time of the Solovetsky camp, there was a penal isolator – a place of detention and punishment of prisoners. They will see a unique lighthouse church.
14:00 – Lunch at the hotel cafe.
15:00 – Walking tour “History of the Solovki camps and special purpose prisons 1920-1939” (2 hours). On this tour, visitors will learn about the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp, the stages of the development of the camp and its re-formation in the Solovetsky Special Purpose Prison in 1937, as well as learn about the fate of prisoners. The route and objects of the show: Exposition “Solovetsky camps and prison of 1920-1939.” Monastery cemetery (camp), st. Zaozernaya (barracks).
18:30 – Dinner (on your own).

Day 3

08:00 – Breakfast in the hotel cafe.
09:00 – A choice of, for an additional fee, offers tours on snowmobiles:
– Excursion to Zayatsky Island (2.5 hours) – tourists will visit the largest pagan sanctuary of the II-I millennia BC, a complex of religious and burial structures, the first stone harbor in Russia, monuments of the St. Andrew’s skete of the Big Zayatsky Island. Note: the excursion is conducted under favorable weather conditions, including ice. The cost of 4 200 rubles per person with a minimum group of 5 tourists.
– Excursion to Bolshaya Muksalma island (3 hours) – tourists will see a grand hydraulic engineering structure – a man-made boulder dam 1.5 km long connecting Bolshoy Solovetsky and Bolshaya Muksalma islands, as well as get acquainted with the history of the Sergievsky monastery of the Solovetsky monastery. Note: the excursion is conducted under favorable weather conditions, including ice. The cost of 5 700 rubles per person with a minimum group of 5 tourists.
On request – organization of winter ice fishing on the lakes of the Big Solovetsky Island (for an additional fee).
12:30 – Release of numbers. Transfer to the airport pic. Solovetsky.
14:45 – Departure to Arkhangelsk.
15:40 – Arrival in Arkhangelsk. Self-transfer to the railway station or Talagi airport (if necessary).

Day 4

09:00 – Breakfast in the hotel cafe. Free time.
12:30 – Release of numbers. Transfer to the airport pic. Solovetsky.
14:45 – Departure to Arkhangelsk.
15:40 – Arrival in Arkhangelsk. Self-transfer to the railway station or Talagi airport (if necessary).


The time of the events on the tour, including the flight schedule of the aircraft, is indicated tentatively. The minimum number of people in a group is 5 people. If the group consists of 3-4 people, a mandatory additional fee for individual service is charged – 4,000 rubles per person (on the spot in cash on the day of arrival).

REMARKS: Solovki are located not far from the Arctic Circle, therefore, in the winter period there is a short light day. A visit to Solovki in winter is difficult because of bad weather, the delay in the departure of the aircraft due to weather conditions, which is a force majeure circumstance, and the tour operator is not responsible in this case. We advise you to take comfortable warm clothes that do not hamper your movement, for a long stay on the street, comfortable shoes without a heel; camera, charger for mobile phone and camera; personal care products. For traveling on snowmobiles, we recommend taking with you: thermal underwear, winter overalls (you can ski), warm shoes, hat, mittens, sunglasses (you can use sun glasses). Attention: traveling on snowmobiles with instructors only – tourists are not allowed to independently manage snowmobiles! The order of carrying out excursion events in Solovki can be changed by the receiving party due to weather conditions, local events, as well as at the request of tourists.

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