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Tour to Kizhi with accommodation (4 days)

Очень плохоПлохоСреднеХорошоОтлично (3 оценок, среднее: 4.33 из 5)
4 days
20400 ₽
June – 7, 14, 21, 28;
July – 5, 12, 19, 26;
August – 2, 9, 16.
For ready-made groups of 5 or more people - on any other date on request.

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  • transport services, tickets for cruise ships “Petrozavodsk-Kizhi-Petrozavodsk”
  • motor boats for the organization of transfers Kizhi-Sennaya Guba-Kizhi.

Exclusive four-day summer tour to Kizhi. In four days you will have time to see not only the famous Kizhi Pogost, but also the monuments that most tourists do not have time to see during a one-day visit. In addition, the program of the tour to Kizhi has other interesting services: fishing on lake Onega, Russian sauna, boating, picking mushrooms and berries, excursions to the island of Radkole with the ancient Sami sanctuary. Tourist complex, which houses tourists, is small but very cozy. The hosts carefully monitor the cleanliness and order, and are always ready to offer their guests how to spend the remaining free time, if they have the strength! Guest houses are fully landscaped.

1 day (Thursday)

07: 00 – arrival of tourists in Petrozavodsk by train № 12 St. Petersburg – Petrozavodsk.
08: 33 – arrival of tourists in Petrozavodsk by train № 18 Moscow – Petrozavodsk.
09: 00 – gathering of tourists at the main entrance to the railway station from the city. At the request of tourists, for an additional fee – a sightseeing tour of Petrozavodsk with a walk along the embankment of lake Onega. Transfer to port. Boarding on “meteor”. Excursion to Kizhi island on the “Comet” (transfer time to the port depends on the departure time of the ship). Kizhi island is a “visiting card” not only of Karelia, but also of Russia. The unique ensemble of the churchyard is known all over the world, and every year the flow of tourists wishing to visit the island is growing. Excursion program in the Museum-reserve with a visit to the Church of the intercession and ethnographic exhibitions. Transfer by boat to the tourist complex, accommodation, lunch. Familiarity with the hospitable hosts, the choice of entertainment and excursions offered for an additional fee: fishing, riding with an instructor on a boat on the skerries of lake Onega, Russian bath. A water excursion to the village of Lelikovo, located on the Small Lelikovo island, is available at an additional cost. Until the beginning of XX century the neighborhood was located in two villages: South of lelikovo and North of lelikovo, then they were United into one settlement. Now the village still has old houses. Before the order of houses, on the shore of the lake, there is a beautiful wooden tent Church in the name of John the Baptist, dated 1885. It was built by the local farmer kleerova. His stone house still stands in the village, and he is buried next to the Church. Redcola Isle – a small rocky island about 500 metres in length. Ancient Sami sanctuary. One of the most famous monuments of the island – “Radkowski idol” or “the Owner”, which local residents had associated with many traditions. Also, the island has an unusual flora. Here you can find such rare in our parts of the plants like Solomon’s seal medicinal, Oregano, Thyme, Dragonhead, Ruisa that during flowering adorn the island of pink and blue buds.
19: 00-Dinner. Free time.

2 day (Friday)

09: 00-Breakfast.
10: 00 – water tour of the Kizhi necklace (optional, extra charge). The so-called original ensemble of chapels that are like a precious necklace frame the ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost. These chapels XVIII-XIX centuries have their own special, incomparable charm, which further enhances the surrounding nature. A tour of the Kizhi necklace is an unforgettable boat trip among the Islands of the Kizhi archipelago.
14.00-Lunch, free time. Men can go fishing, and women can try to collect mushrooms, berries, or go again to the island of Kizhi, to walk around the island (fishing and a trip to the island for an additional fee). You can also go to the sauna, take a dip in the lake Onega, or to order additional excursions.
19: 00-Dinner. Free time.09:00 – Завтрак.

3 day (Saturday)

09: 00-Breakfast.
10: 00-boat Trip to the Northern part of Kizhi island, where there are other monuments of wooden architecture (optional, for an additional fee).
15: 00-Lunch. Free time-a trip to the South deer island, fishing and a number of other places, which you can learn directly from the owners of the tourist complex, are offered for an additional fee.

4 day (Sunday)

09: 00-Breakfast, preparation for departure.
11: 00-Departure with things to Kizhi island (departure time to Kizhi and further to Petrozavodsk depends on departure time of “Meteor”). Free time, buying Souvenirs, visit to the southern part of the island. Departure from the island of Kizhi in Petrozavodsk.
16: 30-Arrival in Petrozavodsk. Transfer to the station.
18: 00 – departure of tourists by train № 805 Petrozavodsk – St. Petersburg.
20: 00 – departure of tourists by train № 17 Petrozavodsk – Moscow. 20: 27-departure of tourists by train № 91 Murmansk-Moscow.

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