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Tour Ruskeala – Valaam 2 days

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2 days
9200 ₽
Upon request

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On the first day you will visit the pearl of Ruskeala mountain Park – Marble canyon, the banks of which are penetrated by surface and underwater tunnels, drifts and mines. There you will find an interesting tour, during which the guide will tell you about the history of mining and show the most hidden corners of the former marble quarry. On the second day you will have an excursion to the island of Valaam, a visit to the Central estate, the Monastery and Nikon’s Bay, new Jerusalem and the Transfiguration Cathedral.

Tour route: St. Petersburg-Priozersk (Korela fortress) — lakhdenpohya (Lutheran Church) — Sortavala — Ruskeala waterfalls Ahvenkoski — Marble canyon Ruskeala — Valaam island — lakhdenpohya (fish shop)-St. Petersburg.

Day 1

7: 30 Departure from St. Petersburg from Zvenigorodskaya
Transfer on a comfortable bus of tourist class,
equipped with everything you need for a pleasant trip.
And with an interesting story of an experienced guide, travel time will pass unnoticed.
Possible landing in front of the metro PR. Prosvescheniya at 08: 00
Please specify this information when booking a tour.
9: 30 temple of the icon of our lady of Konev
The Church of the icon of our lady of Konev was designed by architect N. S. Veselova, construction began in 1994. Only after two reconstructions the Church took a modern appearance. The appearance attracts attention, as the Church is built in the style of Northern wooden architecture. The temple consists of two parts: underground and ground. The solemn consecration of the underground temple was held in 2003. On the territory of the temple there is a picturesque garden with fountains and a shop with natural products of local production.

10: 30 ancient fortress of Korela
Examination of the cultural-historical object – Kexholmsky fortress.
You will plunge into the middle ages and learn a lot of interesting facts.
You will see the famous prison, where the family of Yemelyan Pugachev was imprisoned for a long time. And also take a walk through the filming of the famous movie “Brother”.
Depending on weather and traffic conditions,
inspection of the fortress can be transferred to the way back.
An additional tour of the fortress with a local guide with a visit to the dungeons is possible.

Abandoned Lutheran Church in lahdenpohya

An experienced guide will acquaint you with the history of the ancient Lutheran Church: as the legend says, the legendary epic “Kalevala”was written here in ancient times. After the great Patriotic war, the Finns left their lands, and over the following decades the Church fell into disrepair.

Tasting of the famous Karelian balms and tinctures of the local plant.
Karelia has long been famous for its famous tinctures and balms far beyond its borders. All drinks are prepared according to old recipes on the basis of natural berries and herbs. In case of delays due to road, weather or other conditions. You can just stop at the company store with Karelian balms and tinctures, where a wide selection and the most affordable prices. The cost of tasting – 100₽, is carried out when a group of 15 people.

14:00 Lunch in a cozy cafe in Sortavala

After a walk in the fresh air and exciting excursions it’s time to eat. Rich tour program allows you to take for lunch about 30-40 minutes. During this time, do not have time to cook on the menu. Therefore, according to numerous requests of our tourists for your convenience, we organize meals on tour.

The cost of lunch-350 rubles., paid extra at will.

Please specify the catering information when booking the tour.

Sightseeing tour of the ancient city of Sortavala, founded by the Swedes in the distant XVII century. This unique town of the Northern Ladoga area, at different times belonged to the 3rd people and changed three names in its long history. The guide accompanying you on the trip will tell you in more detail.

14:30 Excursion to the legendary Ruskeala waterfalls

You will see a complex of 4 beautiful waterfalls Chinaski, here filmed the legendary film “the dawns here are quiet”. They are located on the rough river tokhmayoki in the warm season it is also a great place for rafting.

In recent years, the area around the waterfalls is actively improving. There was an Alley of fairy tales with mysterious characters and local fauna. The cost of passage on hinged bridges-200₽

15:30 Arrival at the Mountain Park Ruskeala Marble canyon
You will learn how the Marble canyon and the most significant moments of its three-century history appeared. Take a walk through the mysterious tunnels, visit The Italian quarry and the Bright lake. You will see an abandoned marble factory built by the Finns in the late 19th century. And also visit the places of filming famous movies. When buying a tour, the entrance ticket to Ruskeala Mountain Park 300 ₽ – adult / 150 ₽ – student / 100 ₽ – student (upon presentation of the student in Ruskeala Mountain Park) is paid.

16:30 Free time in Ruskeala Mountain Park
The Park offers a wide range of additional services for every taste. You can chat with friendly Huskies,and if you want to ride a dog sled. Visit the underground lake and appreciate the splendor of the unique route “Underground Ruskeala”. Outdoor enthusiasts will be able to go down on the Troll, 450 meters long or make a jump from the bungee. If you prefer a relaxing holiday, you can take a boat trip along the marble canyon. In winter, the artistic illumination of the canyon, similar to the Northern lights, causes incredible delight.

18:00 Dinner, price-350 rubles., paid extra at will.
According to numerous requests of our tourists for your convenience, we organize meals in the tour. Please specify the catering information when booking the tour.

19:00 Hotel accommodation, free time
We pay special attention to the comfort and safety of our tourists.
Therefore, you can relax after a busy day in a cozy hotel. Accommodation is included in the price of the tour.
We recommend you to bring Slippers for the hotel.
* Guests can use the sauna if available at the hotel.


Day 2

8: 00 Delicious Breakfast (included in the tour price). After which will begin an exciting and rich excursion program. We primarily care about your safety and comfort. Therefore, from the tour are only vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions.

9:00 Departure to the Valaam island on the meteor
You will get an incredible pleasure during the crossing to the island: the vast expanses of lake Ladoga, untouched picturesque nature of this region, the amazing beauty of the island of Ladoga, attracting with its diversity and unique nature.

10: 00 arrival to Valaam island
The journey through the Central estate of the island begins with the pier of the Monastery Bay, which offers incredible views of the monastery garden and the monastery on a high rock. Together with the guide you head to the monastery past the marble Znamenskaya chapel, passing through the Holy gates, over which stands the fortress of Peter and Paul, where today you can enjoy an incredible concert of Church chants.

11: 00 Visit to the Transfiguration Cathedral, where the relics of St. Sergius and Herman are buried. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral is one of the most majestic temples, which is the main operating temple of the monastery.
During the tour you will visit the oldest surviving on the Valaam assumption refectory Church, as well as the Church of the Valaam Icon of the Mother of God and the Peter and Paul Gate Church, which adorns the Holy gate, welcoming all guests to the Valaam.

12: 00 at the end of the first part of the excursion program on Valaam you have the opportunity to enjoy a stunning concert of male vocal ensemble “Valaam”, in which the monastery and folk songs will sound incredibly atmospheric and harmonious, which will leave a lasting impression on Valaam.

13: 00 the Second part of the excursion program is devoted to visiting the Bay of Nikon, which since the beginning of the 20th century is also called “new Jerusalem”, where the most beautiful Monastery of all Saints is located.

14: 00 Incredibly beautiful path through the forest paths to the Holy places and monasteries, which are located in the depths of the island. Crystal clear air, silence and magnificent nature around you will leave a feeling of peace and tranquility. You will visit the resurrection skit, one of the most beautiful monasteries of the island of Valaam, the only inactive skit on Valaam, where the Pilgrimage service of the Valaam monastery is located. From the monastery there is a path to the chapel of ascension, which offers stunning views of the Bay.

15: 00 Enjoying the beautiful scenery and untouched nature, you go on a forest path to the Gethsemane monastery, one of the most pilgrimage sites. Visit the monastery with the wooden Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary and the chapel of the Prayer over the Chalice. The end of the excursion program on the mount of olives, with a beautiful view of Ladoga, allows you to enjoy the scenery before departure to Sortavala.

17: 00 Visit to the unique Museum in the rock “mount Owl»
This is a huge bunker with an area of 750 sq. m., carved into the rock. During the war there was a command post of the Finnish army. Now this military-historical object has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists. Entrance fees are extra. Excursion with a group of 10 people.

19: 00 Visit to Karelian fish farm shop
This is another nice bonus for tourists. A wide range of fish at an affordable price from the manufacturer, trout farm.

23: 00 Arrival in St. Petersburg


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