Tour “in search of the Northern Lights” on February 23

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Tour duration: 3 days
Price: 28250 ₽
22-24 February 2019

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The cost of the excursion program is:

For 1 person – 28 250 rubles (4 excursions) without accommodation
33 950 rubles-4 excursions, accommodation in Azimut hotel (double accommodation), Breakfast buffet»
38 050 – 4 excursions, accommodation in Azimut hotel( single accommodation), Breakfast buffet»
Transfer-1500 rubles airport / hotel (additional service)

The cost of the program includes:
– excursion service under the program: a Sightseeing tour of Murmansk, Hunting for the Northern Lights, a Trip to the coast of the Arctic ocean, a visit to the Kola Saami and reindeer (4 excursions)
– full information support during the tour
– transport services under the program
– hot tea/coffee during the tour
– support of a professional guide-photographer on the Tour ” Hunting for the Northern Lights»
– professional photos on the background of the Northern Lights

Additional cost:
snowmobiles in Teriberka waterfall – 600 R
– tickets to the Museum-icebreaker Lenin-150 RUB
– lunch menu (average 350 – 650 rubles)

The cost of the program is not included:
– travel to Murmansk and back
– residence
– supper

Accommodation at the Azimut hotel from 22 to 24 February is:
5700 rubles per day-room Smart superior double accommodation with Breakfast buffet»
4900 rubles per day-Smart superior room single accommodation with Breakfast buffet»

Day 1

Arrival in Murmansk, check in at the hotel.

12: 45-13: 00 – gathering of participants in the lobby of the Azimut hotel»

Sightseeing tour of Murmansk

Murmansk is the largest city in the world, located behind The Arctic circle. It is called the capital of The Russian Arctic. From here began the great expedition to the development of the northernmost continent of our planet.

13.00 – departure to the excursion.

13: 00-15: 00 – the Tour begins with a visit to the monument to Alyosha – “the Defenders of the Arctic” – this 35-meter monument is a symbol of Murmansk. There is also an ancient rock ledge “Mutton forehead”, whose age is more than 2.5 billion years.

Next, we will go to the memorial complex to the sailors who died in peacetime. In the center there is a lighthouse, next to which there is a ship anchor with a capsule with sea water laid under it, we will examine the cabin of the legendary nuclear submarine “Kursk”.

15:00 – 16:00 – Lunch (payable on the menu)

16: 00-16 : 10-gathering of the tour participants

16: 10-17: 00 – in this part of the program we will visit the largest ice-free seaport in the Arctic circle. The world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker, Lenin, has been parked here for ever. From the berths you can admire the port, the Bay, passing ships and make interesting photos.

17: 00-18: 00 Excursion to the Museum-icebreaker “Lenin” — the world’s first vessel with a nuclear power plant.

19: 00-free time or a trip to the Northern Lights Hunting tour, under favorable weather conditions

Day 2

Excursion to the coast of the Arctic ocean (Teriberka village)

A trip to the legendary Northern village, located on the Edge of the Earth, in recent years has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world.

10: 00-13: 00 – the trip to Teriberka starts from Murmansk and passes through the Arctic tundra — a vast area in the North of Russia, Canada and Greenland, where there is no vegetation in the form of trees. Along the way we will see the Worship Cross, Seid – a stone of mysterious origin, in which, according to the beliefs of the Saami, lives the spirit of the deceased shaman and landscapes reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords.

13:00 – 15: 00 – excursion to the village of Teriberka. The place became known thanks to the filming of the painting “Leviathan”, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2014. Abandoned fishing huts and life of local residents.

15:00 – 16:00 – lunch in the restaurant “Teriberskaya beach” with ocean view (pay a La carte)

16: 00-17: 30 – we will stop at the cemetery of old abandoned ships, submerged in a small Bay, take a walk in a sleigh for snowmobiles along the coast and visit the picturesque waterfall that flows into the Arctic ocean. We will make a great selfie on the cliff of a cliff, going into the depths of the sea.

17: 30-departure to Murmansk

19.30-free time or excursion “hunting for the Northern Lights”, under favorable weather conditions

Day 3

Excursion to visit the indigenous inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula-Sami

Breakfast at hotel, check-out

09:45 – 10:00 – Gathering of participants of the tour in the lobby of the hotel “Azimut»

10:00 – 11:00 – drive to the ethnic settlement of the Saami

11: 00-12: 00 – familiarity with the Sami culture will begin with Seida — the sacred Sami stone, the object of ancient Sami worship, which according to their beliefs , has a secret mystical power. Then we will visit the traditional sámi dwellings of cooks and tower, hear stories about the Sami culture, customs, beliefs and legends of the people have divorced the hearth in the tent. The representative of the Sámi people will show us the shamanic rites, which are passed down from generation to generation.

12: 00-12: 30 – in this part of the program we will see real reindeer, feed them with moss, make unique selfies with these friendly creatures and hear a story about the features of their breeding and lifestyle.

12: 30-14: 00 – lunch and tea with Sami tea brewed from local herbs and roots on the hearth.

Photo in Sami national dress on the territory of the settlement.

14:00 – 15:00 – return to Murmansk

In the evening, free time or a trip to the “hunt For the Northern Lights”, under favorable weather conditions

Excursion "In search of Northern Lights"

meeting guests at the hotel
departure for the night “hunt” For the Northern Lights
on the road-a story about the Northern Lights: how it occurs, the traditions of the peoples of the North associated With the Northern Lights, modern ways of studying the lights and its impact on human life
arrival at the place of observation, observation of the Northern Lights, photo shoot on the background of the Northern Lights
return to the hotel
Departure for the tour “Hunting for the Northern Lights” takes place in one of the evenings of tourists staying in Murmansk.

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