Tour for 3 days: Three pearls of Karelia

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Tour duration: 3 days
Price: 9500 ₽
January: 2 – 4. February: 23 – 25. March: 8 – 10. April: 29.04 – 01.05. May: 25 – 27. June: 10 – 12; 22 – 24. July: 18 – 20; 27 – 29. August: 10 – 12; 24 – 26. September: 14 – 16. October: 12 – 14. November: 3 – 5. December: 14 – 16.

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Departure from St. Petersburg at 07: 30 from Zvenigorodskaya.

Possible landing in front of the metro PR. Prosvescheniya at 08: 00.


The tour price includes:

Transfer to the new comfortable bus
Entrance fees and guided tour of the canyon
Accommodation in the best hotels of Sortavala
Delicious Breakfast on the second and third days of the tour
Stop in Priozersk at the fortress ” Korela»
Inspection of the abandoned Finnish Church in lahdenpohya
Sightseeing tour of the ancient city of Sortavala
Excursion to the legendary Ruskeala waterfalls
Excursion to The Italian quarry and the Bright lake
Tour of the filming locations of famous movies
Support of an experienced guide along the whole route
Visit to The “city of Masters” workshop and souvenir shops
Inspection of the Museum complex “North Fivaida»
Guided tour to the Museum of Northern Ladoga
Excursion to the famous view mountain Kuhavuori
A visit to Central Park Vaccoli Sortavala
Exclusive Jeep tour of Karelian waterfalls
Tour beautiful Mottled Bay of Kirjavalahti
Excursion to the white bridges waterfall»
Excursion to an abandoned Kitaiskoe field grenade
The opportunity to get a semiprecious stone as a souvenir
Tour of the mysterious falls Cairina
Free time in the resort town of Sortavala
Visit to the trout farm shop


Additional (optional):

Excursion to the Museum “mount Filina” – from 200 ₽
Excursion “underground Ruskeala” – from 500 ₽
Boating-400 ₽ per boat (up to 4 people)
Excursion to Valaam island – from 3000 ₽
Adventure Park, the track family – 400 ₽
Rope Park, sports track-1000 ₽
The descent to the Troll along the canyon-1000 ₽
Bungee jump from the rock canyon-1000 ₽
Dog sledding Husky – from 1000 ₽
Photo shoot and chat with Husky-from 100 ₽
Tasting of Karelian tinctures-from 100 ₽
Master-class on making a Karelian charm – 250 ₽
Visit the souvenir shops

Day 1

07: 30-Departure from St. Petersburg from Zvenigorodskaya.
Possible landing in front of the metro PR. Prosvescheniya at 08: 00.
Route excursion on a comfortable bus accompanied by an experienced guide.

* 09: 30 – for your convenience, we have planned several stops on the way: in the city of Priozersk with a tour of the medieval fortress of Korela and in the city of lakhdenpohya with a walk at the abandoned Lutheran Church, where, according to legend, the runes of the famous epic “Kalevala”were first recorded.

* 13: 00-Sightseeing tour of the ancient city of Sortavala. This ancient town is unique in that since its Foundation, it belonged to three States in different periods, received three different names and survived three complete changes of population. The accompanying guide will tell you more about the history of Sortavala.

* 14: 30-Excursion to the legendary Ruskeala waterfalls. This is an amazing place of beauty, sung by artists and filmmakers. In particular, here, near four picturesque waterfalls of Ahvenkoski, the film “a dawns here are quiet”was shot.

* 15: 00-Ruskeala Mountain Park-Marble canyon.
Attention! The price includes entrance tickets to Ruskeala mountain Park and an informative tour with a local guide. You will walk along the steep walls of the Marble canyon, learn the history of mining in Russia, see the abandoned marble factory, visit the Italian quarry and the Bright lake.

* 16: 00-Free time in Ruskeala mountain Park.
At Your disposal – a large selection of entertainment. If you wish, you can chat and take pictures with Husky, visit the unique new route “Underground Ruskeala”, arrange a romantic boat trip on the Marble canyon or go down with the wind on the Troll.

* 19: 00-Accommodation in Sortavala hotel, dinner. Free time.
For information about meals, please check when booking a tour.

Day 2

* 09: 00 – Breakfast. After which a rich program of the 2nd excursion day is planned.
At the request of our tourists can tour the legendary island of Valaam and get acquainted with the Orthodox monastery.

• 10:00 – Visit to the natural Park Vaccoli with climbing a mountain Kuhavuori, where a breathtaking panorama of the Sortavala town and surrounding lakes.

* 11: 00-Excursion to the Museum of Northern Ladoga. The unique geological discoveries from ancient times. The history of the region in different epochs and the fate of the tribes inhabiting the Northern region.

• 12:30 – tour of the Bay kirjavalahti Bay. Unique panorama of lake Ladoga, the ancient summer residence of druggist Eskelinen, gallery Kronid Gogoleva.

* Free time in Sortavala. You can spend your free time leisurely stroll along the promenade, souvenir shops, lunch at a cafe on the shore of lake Ladoga or explore other attractions of the city.

• ATTENTION! In the period from may to October, you can tour the Ladoga skerries. Unique natural education in its entertainment is not inferior to the famous Norwegian fjords. On this day, immediately after dinner, everyone is waiting for an exciting adventure on boats along the Northern coast of Ladoga with a walk on one of the rocky Islands. The tour is paid extra, the number of seats is limited.

Day 3

* 8: 00 – Delicious Breakfast (included in the price). After which you will find the final day of a busy tour and a long-awaited acquaintance with the mysterious world of enchanting Karelian waterfalls.

• 9: 30 – immediately after Breakfast you come for all-wheel drive SUVs and you comfortably go on an incredible jeep tour to the picturesque Karelian waterfalls. Due to the high cross-country jeeps and experienced drivers, you can drive as close as possible to places not available for buses or other transport.

• Sightseeing tour around the beautiful Gulf of Kirjavalahti.

The road runs along the incredibly picturesque forests on one side and the coastline on the other. This offers stunning views of the endless lake Ladoga, which is not inferior to the entertainment of the Norwegian fjords.

• Hydroelectric power station of läskelä is one of the oldest in Karelia.

Quite often there is a spillway and formed another incredibly powerful waterfall. Our route is designed to be here when the airlock opens. But unfortunately, it is not opened by order of tour operators, so we can not guarantee this.

• Waterfalls of Karelia open for you to visit two of the most mysterious. You will see the Top Cairina where once there was a Finnish hydroelectric power station, from the gentle rapids, and a higher Bottom Mairinoja. In clear weather, you can see how the Sun’s rays play with the streams of a huge mass of water and a rainbow is formed, the spectacle is truly fascinating.

• Excursion to Kitaiskoe field grenade, where everyone can produce and keep as a souvenir a piece of this gemstone. Pomegranate was widely used in Royal jewelry, so it is also known as the”Royal stone”. You will have a unique opportunity to please yourself with such a valuable souvenir.

• The climax of this excursion will be highest waterfalls in Karelia – about 19 meters “1 White bridges” native name “Yankoski” and “White bridges 2″. Both waterfalls located on the river Calismalari deep in Karelian forests. Thanks to its inaccessibility, incredible natural beauty has been preserved here, which fascinates even the seasoned traveler. Under optimal weather conditions, we will visit a small dairy waterfall, which is even more hidden in the forest wilds.

* Visit the legendary monument to the soldiers of the liberators-the Valley of death and the”cross of Sorrow”. Once there were the most fierce battles and at different times these lands belonged to different peoples.

* 14: 30 – Lunch.

Free time for an independent lunch in any of the cafes in Sortavala. The rich tour program allows you to take about 30-40 minutes for lunch.

* 17: 00 – visit to the unique Museum in the rock “mount Filina”.

This is a huge bunker with an area of 750 sq. m., carved into the rock. During the war there was a command post of the Finnish army. Now this military-historical object has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists. Entrance fees are extra. Excursion with a group of 10 people.

* 18: 00-Visit to Karelian fish farm shop.

This is another nice bonus for tourists. A wide range of fish at an affordable price from the manufacturer, trout farm.

* 23: 00 – Arrival back to St. Petersburg M. Zvenigorodskaya.

On the way there will be a stop at the entrance to the city near the Enlightenment Avenue.

There may be a delay depending on the traffic situation.

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