Tour for 3 days “Legends of Karelia”

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Tour duration: 3 days
Price: 10500 ₽
January: 2 – 4. February: 23 – 25. March: 8 – 10. April: 29.04 – 01.05. May: 25 – 27. June: 10 – 12; 22 – 24. July: 18 – 20; 27 – 29. August: 10 – 12; 24 – 26. September: 14 – 16. October: 12 – 14. November: 3 – 5. December: 14 – 16.

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The route: Saint Petersburg — the Alexander-Svirsky monastery — Petrozavodsk complex “Karjala Park” Mountain Sampo — resort “Marcial waters” — volcano Girvas — Kondopoga — Kinerma village — Ruskeala waterfalls Ahvenkoski — Marble canyon Ruskeala —Vladivostok (fish shop) — Saint Petersburg.


The price includes entrance tickets to Ruskeala Mountain Park and a tour of the Marble canyon with a licensed guide.


Additional services (optional):
• Guided tour of “Underground Ruskeala” – 1000 RUB adults./ 500 RUB for children.
* Boating-400 rubles per boat (up to 4 people.)
* Descent to the Troll along the canyon-1000 rubles.
• Bungee jump from the cliff of the canyon is 1000 RUB.
* Dog sledding Husky – from 1000 rubles.
* Photo shoot and chat with Husky-from 100 rubles.
* Master class on the production Of Karelian amulets-250 rubles.
• Visit to the souvenir shops.

Day 1

• 7: 30-Departure from St. Petersburg from Zvenigorodskaya.
Transfer by comfortable bus, tourist class, equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant trip. And with an interesting story of an experienced guide, travel time will pass unnoticed. It is possible to land in front of the metro Dybenko at 08: 00. Please specify this information when booking a tour.
* 11: 00-Visit to the Alexander Svirsky monastery. This is one of the most beautiful and impressive monasteries, located on the outskirts of the Leningrad region – near the Roshchinsky lake. It is believed that the monastery appeared on the chosen place more than 500 years ago. You will visit both the monastery complex – Transfiguration and Trinity, as well as inspect the preserved Trinity Cathedral, which is known for its unique paintings and frescoes created by Novgorod and Kostroma masters in 1710.
* Free time in the monastery of Alexander Svirsky. On an independent walk through the monastery you will have time to see the oldest of the surviving temples – the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God, to worship the relics of St. Alexander of Svir or to collect Holy water from a local source.
* 15: 30-Arrival in Petrozavodsk and city tour. You will get acquainted with the past and present of the capital of Karelia. Petrozavodsk was founded by Peter I in the same year as St. Petersburg. You will drive through the historic streets of the city and see its main attractions.
* A leisurely walk along the Onega embankment will be a great addition to the tour of Petrozavodsk. You will pass by the famous monuments: “Tübingen panel”, “Fishermen”; “wave of friendship”, “Sleeping beauty”, “tree of desires” and many others. Fresh air and beautiful views of lake Onega will replenish strength and give a charge of vivacity for further excursions. If you wish, if you have free time, you can visit the Shungite room yourself.
* 17: 30 – visit to Karyala Park nursery. The famous tourist center is famous for the fact that there is One of the largest in Karelia husky nurseries. 1.5 hours spent in this place will give you bright positive emotions for many days and weeks ahead. A professional cabin will give you an interesting tour of the nursery. He will talk about the origin and characteristics of the Northern breed. And then you can if you want to take an in-depth master class on working with Husky, ride a dog sled or make stunning photos.
• 19:00 – Accommodation at the hotel in Petrozavodsk. After accommodation you will have free time to walk along the beautiful promenade with numerous cafes and restaurants, and our guides will be happy to advise you where to go.

Day 2

9: 00 Delicious Breakfast (included in the tour price).
After which will begin an exciting and rich excursion program. We are first
we care about your safety and comfort, so from the tour are only pleasant experiences and unforgettable emotions.
10: 00 national Museum of the Republic of Karelia – the largest Museum of the city of Petrozavodsk, founded in 1871. The Museum collection (more than 225 thousand items) represents nature, archeology, history of the region and the city of Petrozavodsk, traditional culture of Russians, Karelians, Veps.
12: 00 visiting sled dog kennel.
1.5 hours spent with the dogs, will give You a bright positive emotions for many days and weeks in advance. A professional cabin will give you an interesting tour of the nursery. He will talk about the origin and characteristics of the Northern breed. And then you can if you want to take an in-depth master class on working with Husky, ride a dog sled or make stunning photos.
16: 00 visit to the reserve and the waterfall of the same name Kivach, which is not in vain considered poetry and music of the Northern region, because its beauty and uniqueness is difficult to describe in words. One of the largest lowland waterfalls in Europe has long inspired artists and photographers, writers and
travelers’. You will plunge into the world of incredible nature and the noise of the water, and the photos will be just excellent!
16: 30 Excursion to the ancient volcano and waterfall Girvas-the most beautiful place in Karelia, where preserved
the remains of a volcano that originated more than 3 billion years ago! The guide will acquaint You with the history of the volcano, its
“rebirth” and safety to our times, and as soon as the dam opens, you will find
a fascinating spectacle: a huge mass of water with a roar rushes down, falling from several steps. For the Grand phenomenon is especially good to watch from the cliff, which stretches down along the waterfall.
17: 30 Lunch in a hospitable tavern ” Petrovskaya “on the territory of the sanatorium”Marcial waters”. You will try dishes according to the restored recipes of Peter’s time. (additional fee)
18: 00 visit to the legendary resort marcialnye Vody, one of the first Russian resorts,
founded by Peter the great, it is a health resort and its medical buildings, coastal
the village, consisting of two-storey houses, and of course, medical sources. You will have a unique opportunity to independently collect healing mineral waters and experience their healing properties.
19: 00 Excursion to Sampo mountain – the most picturesque hill in Karelia. It is believed that the mountain has magical properties, brings happiness and well-being. Therefore, all the cherished desires, made here, must come true. You can test the power of the magic mountain by reaching its top.

Day 3

* 9: 00-Breakfast at the hotel (included in the tour price). After which you will find the final day of a busy tour and a long – awaited acquaintance with the marble heart of the Karelian region-Ruskeala Mountain Park.
* 11: 00-Visit to the Karelian village of Kinerma. Unique Karelian village in Pryazhinsky district of Karelia. Despite all the vicissitudes of the last century, she was able to keep the spirit of the Karelians who lived in it for almost 500 years. In Kinerma preserved traditional wooden buildings, in the center of the village is the chapel of our lady of Smolensk. You will get acquainted with the history of life and life of the indigenous population of Karelia.
* 14: 00-Excursion to the legendary Ruskeala waterfalls. You will see a complex of 4 beautiful waterfalls Chinaski, here filmed the legendary film “the dawns here are quiet”. They are located on the rough river tokhmayoki in the warm season is also a great place for rafting. In recent years, the area around the waterfalls is actively improving. There was an alley of fairy tales with mysterious characters and local fauna.
* 15: 00-Arrival to Ruskeala Marble canyon Mountain Park.
The price includes entrance tickets to the Ruskeala mountain Park and an interesting tour with a local guide. You will learn about how the Marble canyon appeared, and about the most significant moments in its three-century history. Take a walk through the mysterious tunnels, visit The Italian quarry and the Bright lake. You will see an abandoned marble factory and places of filming famous movies.
* 16: 00-Free time in Ruskeala Mountain Park. The Park offers a wide range of additional services. You can chat with friendly Huskies,and if you want to ride a dog sled. Visit the underground lake and appreciate the splendor of the unique route “Underground Ruskeala”. Lovers of outdoor activities waiting for the descent on the Troll, a length of 450 meters, or a breathtaking bungee jump. Guests can enjoy a relaxing day on the marble canyon by boat. In winter, the artistic illumination of the canyon, similar to the Northern lights, causes incredible delight.
* 19: 00-Visit to Karelian fish farm shop. This is another nice bonus for tourists company Guide life. A wide range of fish at an affordable price from the manufacturer-trout farm.
* 23: 00 – Arrival back to St. Petersburg M. Zvenigorodskaya.
On the way there will be a stop at the entrance to the city near the Enlightenment Avenue.
There may be a delay depending on the traffic situation.

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