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Snowmobiles Karelia Kizhi – 3 days / 2 nights

Очень плохоПлохоСреднеХорошоОтлично (1 оценок, среднее: 5.00 из 5)
3 days
43000 ₽
13.02-15.03 on request

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This program is intended for those who feel confident on the snowmobile. For 3 days the group will cover about 300 kilometers on snowmobiles across Karelia to Kizhi. In addition, there is the possibility of other islands of the Kizhi necklace, old Karelian villages, chapels, which are usually not included in standard excursion programs. This is a chance to see these pearls of Karelia in their original form – at a time when there are no tourists here. We provide delicious three meals a day, accommodation, excursions and reliable snowmobiles! From you, adequacy, understanding of the principles of teamwork in harsh conditions, a sober mind, a clear idea that even professionals do somersaults on snowmobiles without rescuers in the wild taiga, and an easy ability to operate this technique.


43,000 rubles per person – 2 people on a snowmobile

59,000 rubles per person – 1 person on a snowmobile



Transfers according to the program, double occupancy in a guest house room, three meals a day, snowmobile rental, full outfit (overalls, helmet, comforter, shoe covers, gloves), fuels and lubricants, excursion to the Kizhi museum, baths according to the program, instructors’ work.

Supplement for single occupancy – 4000 rubles / person.


Train / plane tickets, souvenir and pocket money costs, additional service costs.

NOTES: The order and times of visiting sites and attractions may be changed by the host as a result of weather conditions or local events without changing the tour content.

Day 1

08.00 Meeting at the railway station in Petrozavodsk.

Breakfast at the city hotel (buffet).

Transfer to the starting point (90 km)

Snowmobiling along the route: v. Kedrozero – v. Pegrema – Unitskaya Guba – v. Lambas stream – v. Yuzhny dvor – pier Oyatevshchina – guest house v. Ersenyevo (80 km).

The route is laid along the ice of Lake Onega and forest roads. Lunch on the way.

The village of Yuzhny Dvor (Vegoruksa) is one of the most ancient villages in Zaonezhie. In the 15th century, it belonged to the wealthy Novgorod boyar F. Glukhov. By the 16th century, there were already several villages, united by a common name. The village was an important point on the ancient route from Novgorod to the White Sea. On Ships from Shuya they sailed along Lake Onega to Vegoruksa, and from here they moved overland to the Great Bay and further to the north. Therefore, the local church was not only a religious building, but also a kind of beacon for ships. The current Nikolskaya Church appeared approximately in the XVII-XVIII centuries, replacing the earlier buildings. Its small head and an extensive refectory are typical of Zaonezhsk architecture. However, nowhere in Zaonezhie is there such an impressive powerful belfry. She dominates the church, and it is thanks to her that the church acquired the significance of a lighthouse, visible from many kilometers. The interior of the church amazes with its splendor and splendor. The carved iconostasis and the royal gates sparkle with gilding. There are many icons on the walls, the “sky” is decorated with paintings that organically combine with simple wooden walls.

Several ancient icons of the XIV-XV centuries were found in the premises of the Nikolskaya Church. They were placed not in the large iconostasis, but on the wall of the refectory. Probably, these icons remained from earlier local churches, and they were transferred to a new building.

17.00 Arrival at the guest house. Accommodation in comfortable double rooms.

Russian sauna on the wood.


Day 2

09.00 Breakfast

11.00 Snowmobile safari along the route “Kizhi necklace”: Ersenyevo village – Korba – Vorobi village – Kizhi island – Voroniy island – Tipinitsy – Yandomozero – Volkostrov village – Eglov island – Podelniki village – Kizhi – the village of Ersenevo (80 km.).

Lunch on the way.

The village of Vorobyi is nestled on the open slope of a hill that descends to the lake. And behind the village, almost at the top of the hill, there is a chapel of Kirik and Ulita. From the lake, it seems that she crowns a small settlement.

Kizhi Island – The world famous open-air museum of wooden architecture. The island has preserved a unique ensemble of monuments of Russian wooden architecture – an inspired creation of masters of the 17th – 19th centuries. Chapels, huts, barns, mills brought here from the surrounding villages, complementing the main ensemble, demonstrate a variety of techniques, types, forms of ancient Russian architecture, in which the traditions and fantasy of the master are woven together.

Eglov Island and the village of the same name are located near the Kizhi Island. The architectural composition of the village is unique: several old peasant houses are located in a row along the lake shore. In front of the houses, on a tiny island, there is a chapel of the Virgin of All Who Sorrow Joy (XIX century), which is clearly visible from the windows of each hut.

In the village of Pod’elniki there is the Chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa and Varlaam Khutynsky (XVIII century). Ancient fir trees grow around the chapel, the diameter of the largest is more than 1 meter!

Return to the guest house in the evening.



Day 3

09.00 Breakfast

11.00 Snowmobiling along the route: village Ersenyevo – pier Oyatevshchina – village Lambas brook – village Pegrema – village Kedlozero – city Petrozavodsk (93 km).

The route passes along the ice of Lake Onega and forest roads.

Lunch on the route.

16.00 Arrival in the village of Kedrozero. Delivery of equipment. Transfer to Petrozavodsk

19.00 Dinner at the city restaurant

Departure by evening trains.

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