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The best sights of Murmansk – TOP-10

When mentioning the city of Murmansk or the Murmansk region, many people first of all associate with the port city and a number of military bases scattered throughout the territory of the region. Some people remember that the atomic icebreaker Lenin is there, and they know about the long polar days and nights. Some believe […]

The best camps and hotels of Russia Karelia (Lake Ladoga)

Rest in Karelia in the first place is always associated not with tourist sites, but with a relaxing holiday in nature, almost untouched by man, fishing, a bathhouse and leisurely walks through the taiga in search of mushrooms and berries. And hiking trails are just a small addition to this type of leisure. On the […]

When it is possible to see Northern lights in Murmansk

In the cold and harsh time of the year in the Arctic circle and a couple of hundred kilometers away you can see the beautiful multicoloured lights in the sky. These tints change shade from green emerald to bright red and smoothly flow on a starry firmament. This is the Northern lights. To date, tours […]