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Dog sledding in Karelia

Очень плохоПлохоСреднеХорошоОтлично (4 оценок, среднее: 5.00 из 5)
1 day
3800 ₽
December-April (subject to snow). Check the dates of recruitment in the group Manager

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Arrival on a husky tour in Karelia. Briefing, selection of equipment. Training management team. Acquaintance with dogs and their leader. Training before the trip. Then the trip itself. Tours are conducted three times a day.

Attention! It is required to dress for the weather and not to drink alcohol on the eve of the trip. All excursions are carried out in the daytime. The length of the route and the start time of the tour may vary according to weather conditions. Dogs must not be allowed to hurt and tease.

Husky in Karelia

There are several options for excursions on a husky team in Karelia. They vary in length and complexity of the route.

  1. Husky in Karelia – acquaintance. The length of the route is about 1 kilometer. It all starts with a small tour of the nursery. Then, together with the instructor, you make a trip along the route. In a team from 4 to 6 dogs. The route passes through a beautiful pine forest and a winter field. It ends with a tea party in the plague after the trip. Duration-1-2 hours with instruction.
  2. Husky in Karelia – the first trip. The length of the route is 3 kilometers. Duration – about 2.5 hours with instruction. In a team from 4 to 6 dogs. The route passes through a pine forest and the river Bank. The place is picturesque. At the end of the trip tea in the plague.
  3. Huskies in Karelia – in the footsteps of Alaska gold miners. Duration-2 days / 1 night. The length of the route is about 30 kilometers. On the first day, the group has Breakfast at the base, gets acquainted with the dogs and is instructed. Next departure. The group went on the route Upper-Olonets on lake Kangasjarvi. In a way about 12-15 kilometers. Arrival at the Parking lot. Setting the camp for the night. Overnight in the field. On the second day Breakfast, camp gathering. The group goes to the village of Kinerma (about 15 kilometers). Excursion to Kinerma village, lunch (Karelian cuisine). Departure to the city.


*Price in rubles per person

 Programs        Price  Number of people
Acquantaince 3500 from 2 people
Trip 6000 from 2 people 
Gold miners 22100 from 4 people

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