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Quad Biking in Karelia

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1 day
3500 ₽
May-October (in the absence of snow)

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Arrival on a Quad bike tour in Karelia. Instruction, selection of equipment by size. Medical examination before the trip (Note-if you have not passed a medical examination for alcohol, the money for the tour is not refundable). Then begins the race on the technique of your chosen route. This program we organize only individually and for ready-made groups!

Attention! It is required to dress for the weather and not to drink alcohol on the eve of the trip. The tour operator is not responsible for the denial of service if you do not pass a medical examination for the presence of alcohol. All excursions are carried out in the daytime. The duration of the route may vary according to weather conditions.

ATVs in Karelia

There are two short snowmobile tours in Karelia. Also on request there are tours for the whole day or for several days.

  1. ATV route in Karelia lasting 2 hours. Model of ATV CF-Moto. The track runs through the fields and forest trails of Karelia. After 10 kilometers arrival on the off-road area, which will be forced on the ATV. A small halt in nature. During the tour, you can get very dirty, so pick up shoes and clothes so that they were not sorry.
  2. Quad bike ride in Karelia-4 hours. The route begins as well as the two-hour, but continues on. The total length is 30-40 kilometers. Participants will have to overcome fields, forests, swamps and even cross several small streams. On the way there will be a small halt for rest. You should choose the right shoes and clothes, as in the way you can get dirty, despite the special ammunition that you will be given on the basis of ATVs.
  3. Our ATV tour in Karelia to the village of Watchel. The tour is designed for the whole day (about 8 hours). The length of the route is about 140 kilometers. The village of Vatsala is a typical Karelian peasant village that has been preserved to our days. It is located on a small island. The island is connected to the shore by a man-made embankment, on which participants of the Safari on Quad bikes will have to pass. To bring something to eat and a supply of water for the whole day.

Usefull information

What to bring:
comfortable clothes,
camera and good mood,

While riding a Quad bike tourist is obliged to observe:
the main provisions of the safety;
follow the orders of the instructor-the head of the group on the whole route.
The instructor has the right to remove the tourist from the route at any time in case of gross or repeated violation of safety rules.


*Price in rubles per person

 Programs        1 person  2 people
2 hours 4000 3500
4 hours 9000 7000
Watchel village 15000 11000

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