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New year party in Karjala, 3 days / 2 nights

Очень плохоПлохоСреднеХорошоОтлично (1 оценок, среднее: 5.00 из 5)
3 days
11900 ₽
December 31, 2019-January 2, 2020

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Included in the price: 

  • transportation service
  • 2 meals a day, hotel accommodation
  • concert theatre “the House of Kantele”
  • sightseeing tour of Petrozavodsk
  • entrance fee to the waterfall Kivach
  • Marcial water, a gift from Santa Claus
  • the dog sledding
  • walk around the deer farm, husky kennel, tea with Karelian pies.

Day 1 (December 31)

We meet guests at the railway station of Petrozavodsk: the guide meets tourists from trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg on the arrival of the train number 18 “Moscow-Petrozavodsk” (at 08.55.) at the building of the railway station from the city.

Breakfast at hotel

  1. Sightseeing tour of Petrozavodsk. We all go together to get acquainted with the winter city of Petrozavodsk. History and modernity, so surprisingly combined in the appearance of Petrozavodsk. Festive streets, historical squares, the Governor’s garden, the wonderful Onega embankment with the famous Museum of modern sculpture in the open air will give you an amazing atmosphere of the new year holiday and a cozy winter mood!
  2. “House Kantele” will accept all in visitors! This is to one of the best professional musical groups of Karelia! The Kantele is a musical instrument, the pride of the Karelian people, whose crystal sound plunges us into the distant past. Interactive new year concert program will acquaint the audience with the ancient musical culture of Karelia: merry dances, fascinating sounds of ancient instruments, Karelian and Finnish songs. Here we will learn with you the Karelian national dance and visit the workshop of folk costume.

Lunch in a cozy cafe in the city center.

Accommodation in hotel.

In the evening you can go for a walk on the festive streets of Petrozavodsk. Devote your time to a hike in the cozy shops and shopping halls of the city on the eve of the coming New year’s eve.

Well, in the evening, you will find the main event of the outgoing Year!
NEW year FESTIVE FEAST to your taste!

Extra fee:

Restaurant “Onega castle” – 5 800 rubles. / vzr., for children from 8-14 years – 1 000 rubles., up to 8 years free of charge (children’s menu order).

Restaurant “North” – 6 000 7 000 RUB / vzr., for children: from 8-14 years-1 500 RUB., up to 8 years free of charge (children’s menu order).



Day 2 (January 1)

Brunch at the hotel.

Departure to the country Residence of the Karelian Father Frost “Talvi Ukko” and the winter Palace of the Karelian snow maiden Lumika.

Talvi Ukko will invite You to his residence, and assistants Talvi Ukko will introduce you to the kennel sled dogs Huskies and farmstead, where they live favorite Pets Karelian Santa Claus-reindeer! Karelian snow maiden Lumiki will guide dear guests to all corners of her Palace, where countless miracles and surprises lurk.

Excursion to the Husky kennel.

Husky the most plain from breeds Northern sled dogs. Huskies are surprisingly friendly you will feel it immediately when you first communicate on a study tour in the kennel, where your attention will be presented to the Siberian and Alaskan huskies, as well as the famous charming and kind Malamute. You will learn their history, be able to take pictures with them, learn how to drive a dog sled.

Excursion to the reindeer farm.

Reindeer has long been considered the most beautiful animal of the North.These trusting representatives of animals have impressive growth and weight. Height sometimes reaches two meters, weight up to two hundred kilograms. Primitive drawings of deer are found in Karelia among the rock images made in the IV Millennium BC, in particular on the white Sea petroglyphs.
Excursion to the farmstead of Karelian Santa Claus ” Talvi Ukko”

In the courtyard you will see a variety of animals – geese, chickens, goats. With all the animals living in large spacious enclosures can be photographed.

Dog sledding 1000 meters !!! this is extreme, genuine delight from a fast ride on the forest track and the ability to self-manage sled dogs, which also enjoy high-speed running on forest trails! 3 050 RUB/person (additional payment)

Tea with fresh fragrant tea from Karelian herbs and Karelian pastries.

In the shop “Talvi Ukko” you can also buy a variety of Souvenirs to remember the snowy Karelia.

Return to the winter city.

Day 3 (January 2)

Karelia is a very hospitable and beautiful land. On the last day, to consolidate our vivid emotions and impressions of staying in our region, we go on a country tour of the most picturesque and interesting places in the vicinity of the city of Petrozavodsk.

Breakfast at hotel.

  1. The Center Of Shungite. We invite you to visit the center of Shungite. You will be able to get acquainted with this mineral, its properties and method of extraction.
  2. “Marcial waters” is a unique complex of sources of Karelian healing water, in which liquid natural iron is dissolved. The springs opened under Peter the Great restored health to thousands of people who came here! The power of the springs was so great that even Peter the Great himself repeatedly honored this place with his presence.  We are tasting water from three different sources in its strength.

Next, we will have a hearty lunch in the cafe with a tasting of hot Karelian drinks! 

Kivach is a plain waterfall consisting of three ledges-is a picturesque Padun framed by beautiful rocky shores and Karelian coniferous forest. A walk along the steps of the waterfall charges with vivacity and fills with good vitality of pure nature, because it is here that the reserve of the same name is located, which preserves the forests, swamps and lakes surrounding the waterfall in an untouched wild form. On the territory of the reserve we will have the opportunity to visit a small cozy Museum of nature, buy Souvenirs and just relax in nature under the noise of falling ice water.

Arboretum of Karelian birch.

Now we go back to Petrozavodsk accompanied by a guide, who accompanies us throughout the route. And for his narrative this path seem us short-lived.

Evening Petrozavodsk, farewell to the city.


*Price in rubles per person


Accomodation Hotel ” Birch grove” Hotel “Onega  palace”, “The 13 chairs boutique” The Hotel “Karelia “, “Space”, “Piter Inn”
1 person (1 room) 15 900 18 900 20 900
2 people (1 room) 11 900 13 900 17 600
add. place 10 700 14 400 15 200
price for add. place for child 5-7 years old     10 700 11 500 12 100
Discount for schoolchildren/students  
400 400 400

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