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New Year in Karelia (4 days)

Очень плохоПлохоСреднеХорошоОтлично (1 оценок, среднее: 5.00 из 5)
4 days
24900 ₽
31 December 2019 - 3 January 2020

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The price includes:

  • accommodation
  • breakfast buffet
  • bus tour of Petrozavodsk and Kivach waterfall
  • concert of the ensemble “Kantele”
  • excursion to the husky kennel with dog sledding
  • an hour Safari on a snowmobile (two people on a snowmobile)

Discount for children under 12 years-10%.

Additional payment for single accommodation: 5 000 rubles.

Day 1 (December 31)

Arrival in Petrozavodsk, meeting with the guide.
Welcome to Karelia! Get acquainted with winter Petrozavodsk, its new year avenues and streets, the magnificent Onega embankment and the famous open-air Museum of modern sculpture.

We invite you to the “House of Kantele”. You will see one of the oldest musical instruments of the Karelian and Finnish peoples – Kantele, hear its unique sound. The world-famous ensemble “Kantele” will perform Karelian and Finnish folk melodies, songs and dances for you.
Accommodation in the hotel “Piter Inn”.

New year gift from the tour operator to choose from:

  1. Master class in the manufacture of Karelian gates. Kalitki-small open pies made of rye dough with various fillings-a traditional dish of Karelian cuisine. A story about the history and origin of wickets. Tea party.
  2. Tour of the brewery restaurant “Paulaner”. You will hear a story about the history of brewing, ingredients, features and character of each type of beer. Professional beer tasting with a traditional Bavarian snack.

New year Banquet with entertainment and music program in the hotel restaurant – 6 400 rubles / adults, 3 500 rubles / children under 12 years. We recommend booking and paying in advance.

Day 2 (January 1)

Buffet Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant. We invite you to additional programs (payment when booking a tour).

For lovers of beautiful Karelian nature a trip to the mountain Park ” Ruskeala” (11 hours). Cost: 3 900 rubles.
In winter Ruskeala conveys a special beauty. The forest is covered with a blanket of snow, and at nightfall in the Park begins to work a unique illumination that turns it into a winter fairy tale! The pearl of the Park is the marble canyon in a beautiful bowl of Ruskeala marble.

For adults and children a fabulous trip to the country estate Of grandfather hull (8 hours). Cost: 3 300 rubles / adults, 3 100 rubles/children from 5 to 17 years, 900 rubles/children from 2 to 4 years.

  1. Our Grandfather Frost from Veliky Ustyug has many brothers all over the world: Santa Claus, Joulupukki, pakkayne and the most beloved – grandfather Halla, who every winter comes to work in his Karelian estate. You have a unique opportunity to look into his workshops and see with your own eyes how his assistants-housekeepers work on the creation of gifts.
  2. To get to the Grandfather of hull is not easy, you need to pass tests: master the skill of skiing – “shukshah” and sledge – “smoke”, spin IN the Kruuga dance, participate in Karelian merrymaking. You were able to pass all the tasks and are ready to enter the secret workshop, where fairy-tale characters work? Together with them you will create a Karelian Christmas toy, and the youngest guests will visit the school of homeowners, where they will learn the magic tricks.
  3. Hull’s grandfather often checks work in his workshops. Maybe you will be lucky enough to meet him and ask him to fulfill his new year’s wish?
  4. Near the estate there is a magical place-the “Heart of Karelia”, which is associated with an ancient Karelian custom. Since ancient times, locals come here to ask for changes for the better in the new year.
  5. Grandpa hull has his own post office, which sends greeting cards all over the country.
  6. Hungry? In the courtyard of the estate for you to heat the stove and ready a hearty lunch. Be sure to visit the Sami chum and taste the fragrant forest tea with treats.

Day 3 (January 2)

Buffet Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant.

Trip to the on site husky kennel.

  1. It’s time to enjoy the amazing beauty of Karelian nature in a small journey on a dog sled! In the kennel you will find 40 best sled dogs of Russia-Champions and participants of the famous races. Under their paws lay thousands of kilometers of difficult snow trails, and now they are ready to share with you their experience and strength. Feel like a Northern kayur and make an unforgettable trip on a sled through the protected pine forest.
  2. You will visit the Karelian birch and see a diamond scattering of water spray waterfall Kivach.

Day 4 (January 3)

Buffet Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant. Check out.

We invite you to ride a snowmobile “Yamaha” on the forest track. This is a wonderful choice for exploring the real winter vacation in Karelia, with its snow-covered forests, sparkling sun and fresh frosty air. We will take care of your comfort and provide warm windproof overalls, helmets, shoes, gloves.

Do not forget to buy traditional gifts from Karelia: Souvenirs from Karelian birch, cloudberry jam, blueberry, cranberry and lingonberry, salted and smoked trout, Karelian tea, balsam, sweet tinctures on forest berries.

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