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Cape Pechak

Ten kilometers from the monastery is situated the Cape of unsurpassed beauty with a very unusual tundra vegetation. Headland, almost devoid of large high vegetation, completely covered with spots of snow – lichen (Belomorian) and green blanket Nordic berries – sexy, from which here and there peep out of the Solovetsky boulders, covered with colorful lichens.
On Cape Pechak preserved fortifications since the training detachment of the Northern fleet 1939-1957, such as dugouts and Bunkers.
The road to Pechak will amaze you with the variability of its landscapes. You have to go on the taiga area, among tall pine trees, mixed in among the birches. Sometimes you will see swamps on both sides of the road, sometimes towering among the creeping dwarf tundra trees.
If you carefully studied the map, you will surely look for “NEOLITHIC MONUMENTS”, which, according to the maps, are very close to the road. This is true, on the way to Pechak there are several sites of primitive man 3-1 thousand BC, but without an experienced archaeologist you will not find them, as they are under a thick layer of turf.

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