Kizhi-Valaam-Solovki (7 days) with suburban accommodation

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Tour duration: 7 days
Price: 49000 ₽
In 2019 the dates are:

May: 22-28.05;
June: 29.05-4.06, 5-11.06, 12-18.06, 19-25.06, 26.06-2.07;
July: 3-9.07, 10-16.07, 17-23.07, 24-30.07;
August: 31.07-6.08, 7-13.08, 14-20.08, 21-27.08, 28.08-3.09

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The price includes:

* accommodation in the country club “Aviaretro” 3 nights;
• hotel accommodation in the settlement of Rabocheostrovsk 2 nights;

* hotel accommodation on Solovki 1 night;
* entrance fee to Kizhi island, Kivach reserve, Ruskeala mountain Park, Solovetsky Museum;
• excursions on the Islands of Kizhi, Valaam, Solovki, Petrozavodsk, in the Kivach reserve, in the mountain Park Ruskeala in the Petroglyphs;
* travel by boat: “meteor” to Kizhi island and Valaam island, by boat to Solovki;
• 2 meals a day (6 breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 1 dinner);
* guide support and transport service according to the program.

Day 1

Arrival in the mountains. Petrozavodsk. Meeting the group at the entrance to the station under the clock (from the platform).
– Breakfast cafe.

– Transfer and accommodation at the country club “Aviaretro”

Free day

Extra charge:

* Rafting (inflatable rafts) on the Shuya river. The passage of the beautiful rapids: Umansky, Big Tolly, Tolly Small, Soyuzprom. Picnic in nature.

Price: 1 200 RUB / person

* Voyage along the Golden ring of Karelia. You will visit the main sights of Karelia: the mountain of Sampo, Martsialnye Vody, Girvasskoe canyon, waterfall Kivach, the Church of the assumption in Kondopoga!

Price: 1 990 rubles / person.

Day 2

Breakfast at the country club
* Sightseeing tour of Petrozavodsk. You will visit the historically significant parts of the city, visit the famous Onega embankment. The guide will tell you about the history and formation of the city of Petrozavodsk.
* Departure from Petrozavodsk to Kizhi island on a high-speed boat “meteor”. Duration 7 hours. One way trip takes 1 hour and 30 min. tour of the Museum-reserve.  The total stay on the island is 4 hours. 
– Late lunch in Petrozavodsk cafe.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel / takeaway.

6: 00-Departure to Sortavala. (250 km)
* Visit to Valaam island. 45 min-moving on lake Ladoga on a high-speed vessel. Tour of the Central estate 1.5-2 hours. Visit the Transfiguration Cathedral.
• Return to the mountains. Sortavala.
Lunch in the cafe of Sortavala.
* Moving to Ruskeala Mountain Park. Excursion to the marble canyon. For an additional fee in the Park you can ride on a trolley over the canyon or take a boat ride on the emerald lake.
• Visit Tohmajoki waterfalls where they filmed the movie “the dawns here are quiet”.
Dinner on the way for extra charge.
23.00 Return to Petrozavodsk.

Day 4

Breakfast at hotel. The release numbers.
09.0 check-Out in Rabocheostrovsk (400 km from Petrozavodsk).
* On the way to visit the nature reserve “Kivach”.  Picturesque corner of Karelia: forest, river, rocks.  Plain waterfall Kivach – one of the largest in Europe.
Lunch on the way.
* Visit The white sea petroglyphs in the town of Zalavruga, mountains. Belomorsk.
21.00 in the Evening arrival at the village Rabocheostrovsk, mountains. Kem. Accommodation in the hotel Berth”. Dinner at the cafe.
• An independent visit to the filming locations of the film of Pavel Lungin “Island” on the shores of the White sea.

Day 5

Breakfast in the hotel cafe.
08: 00 landing on the ship. Transfer to the ship on the White sea, 2 hours.
* Sightseeing tour of the Solovetsky Kremlin-2.5 hours. 
Lunch in a cafe on the island for an additional fee. 
* Walk along the picturesque shore of the White sea, where you will see “Dancing” Solovetsky birches and “Labyrinths” – cultural monuments of prehistoric civilizations.
Hotel accommodation on Solovki.

Day 6

Breakfast in the hotel cafe.
* Bus tour ” mount Sekirnaya. Holy ascension monastery”.  You will visit one of the highest points Of the big Solovetsky island – mount Sekirnaya, from the top of which offers an unforgettable view of the island and the White sea. Get acquainted with the history and monuments of the current Holy ascension monastery, where during the Solovetsky camp was a punishment cell – a place of detention and punishment of prisoners
* “Botanical garden” (3 hours). Visit the most Northern in Russia is the Botanical garden with a tour of the summer residence of the Archimandrite of the Alexander chapel and the memorial cross.
Lunch in a cafe on the island for an additional fee.
On request for a surcharge:
* Excursion “Sights of The big Hare island”. Boat trip to Zayatsky island (travel time 45 min). You will visit the largest pagan sanctuary of II-I millennia BC, stone labyrinths, a complex of religious and burial structures, Russia’s first stone Harbor, monuments of St. Andrew’s skete.
18: 00 Landing on the ship.
20:00 Return to the village Rabocheostrovsk. 
Overnight at the hotel “Berth”.
!! For tourists from St. Petersburg departure from Solovki at 16.00 to the train number 21

Day 7

Breakfast in the hotel cafe. The release numbers.
Transfer press station of the mountains. Kem / Gor. Belomorsk.
Departure of the group by morning trains:
For tourists from St. Petersburg: № 015A Murmansk-St. Petersburg. at 06:50.
For tourists from Moscow: № 091A Murmansk-Moscow at 08: 51

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