Kargopol – Solovetsky Islands tour

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Tour duration: 4 days
Price: 27200 ₽
June-06, 20; July-04, 18; August-22

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This tour will allow tourists to get acquainted with two truly magical corners of Russia. Just eighty kilometers from the Railways, on the border with the Vologda region and Karelia stretches amazing region – Kargopol. The architectural ensemble of the white stone Kargopol is unique. The abundance of ancient monuments gives the small town an unusual, bright appearance. And the Solovetsky Islands are one of the few places on the planet where the history of the last seven thousand years can be seen at every turn: ancient labyrinths and pagan sanctuaries, a majestic monastery and hermit’s monasteries. During the bus crossing in Karelia is a unique opportunity to visit the place of filming the popular and beloved film “Love and pigeons”. The number of places in the tour is limited.


THE COST OF THE TOUR INCLUDES: all excursions according to the program, accommodation in the program of the tour
rooms with facilities, meals (3 Breakfast, 3 lunch). All transport services according to
program transit route Rabocheostrovsk – Solovki – the Rabocheostrovsk. 

THE TOUR COST NOT INCLUDED: Train tickets, including domestic relocation. Excursions, meals and
services listed as “self” or “extra charge”.

Day 1

06: 34-Arrival at the station Nyandoma train number 10 from St. Petersburg-Arkhangelsk.
09: 55-Arrival at Nyandoma station by train № 116/118 Moscow-Arkhangelsk.
10:00 – meeting tourists from all trains at the main entrance to the railway
station from the platform. Transfer to Kargopol (78 km).
11:15 – arrive at the same result.
11: 30-Sightseeing walking tour of Kargopol introduces the history of The city since its time
grounds to the present day. A leisurely walk runs along the embankment of the Onega river, in which
reflected the magnificent stone temples of the 16th to 18th centuries. The spirit of the Patriarchal city is supported
merchant mansions preserved in the city center. On the Cathedral square stands the bell tower, –
the ringing of its bells can be heard far away. As the city was founded, making flourished during the reign of Ivan
Terrible, how did you survive the invasion of the Polish-Lithuanian troops in the time of troubles in Russia and why it was called
The Kargopol? All these questions and many others will be answered by a city tour.
13: 00-Accommodation in city hotels in rooms with amenities. Lunch in the cafe.
14: 00-Excursion to Christ’s Nativity Cathedral (1562) white Stone five-domed Church,
built under Ivan the terrible, which was the main Shrine of Kargopol, preserved five-tiered
iconostasis, which is of great artistic value. Included in his icons
dated XVI-XIX centuries. Icon “the Last judgment” is striking in its multi-plot and is bright
an example of the “Northern letters.” Today the Cathedral of Christ the Nativity is a unique monument-
the complex combines the structure of the XVI-XVIII centuries., wood and stone carving, painting XVII – XVIII
15: 00-optional self-visit:
– Historical exhibition “Kargopol merchant class” – presents the items most vividly
characterizing classes, and everyday life Kargopol merchants: badges, printing,
documents, photos of the XIX century. Items reflecting the activities of factories and various factories in
Kargopol, recreated a fragment of the interior of a merchant’s house. Particularly the activities of the
Kargopol merchant Alexander Andreevich Baranov-the first chief ruler of the Russian
Alaska property.
– Private house-Museum of the Shevelev family dynasty “Kargopol clay toy”.
Souvenir shop.

Day 2

08: 30-Breakfast in the hotel cafe. The release numbers.
09: 00-Bus and walking tour to the ethnographic Museum ” Oshevenskaya volost» –
monuments of wooden architecture in the village of Saunino and the cult architecture of Oshevenskaya Sloboda
(50 km). During the tour, tourists will get acquainted with the architectural ensemble in the village of Saunino-Church
John Chrysostom-tent Church (1665). Inside the temple is covered with a picturesque ceiling – ” painted
heavens.» Hexahedral bell tower of the XVIII century, asymmetric to the temple, gives the whole ensemble
unique appearance. Oshevenskoe village – a distinguished historical and landscape monument of the Russian North.
It has preserved the old layout and residential buildings, monuments of religious architecture
(chapels, temples, complex of the Alexander-oshevensky monastery) and pagan culture (votive crosses,
the sacred grove of the cult stones). During a country tour, tourists visiting the ensemble
monuments of wooden architecture in the village of Pogost, which is part of the Association of
beautiful villages of Russia.
13: 00-Village lunch with pies and bread from the Russian oven.
14:00 – Return to the seat. Visit to the center of folk crafts “Bereginya”, where tourists
will introduce the process of making Kargopol clay toys, show how to work on
old loom, will offer products from birch bark. In the center you can not only see everything, but also
buy your favorite things in the gift shop. Free time.
16: 15-Boarding the bus. Transfer to railway station Nyandoma.
17: 26 – departure by train No. 144 Vologda-Murmansk to Kem.

Day 3

05: 44 – Arrival to Kem.
06: 00-meeting of tourists at the main entrance to the railway station from the platform with a sign “Berth”.
Transfer to the Rabocheostrovsk (12 km).
07: 00 – Breakfast in the café.
08: 00 – Crossing the White sea to the Solovetsky Islands (2 hours).
10: 15 – Arrival to the Big Solovetsky island. Meeting at Tamarin pier. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation in rooms with private facilities.
11: 00-Sightseeing walking tour of the Solovetsky monastery (2.5 hours). During the excursion
You will be told about the history of the Solovetsky monastery from its Foundation to the present day. Excursion
it passes through the Central complex of the Solovetsky monastery, inside the fortress walls.
15: 00-Bus and walking tour “Sekirnaya Gora-Botanical garden” (3.5 hours). Sacredly-
Ascension skit is located 11 kilometers from the village on one of the highest points
archipelago – the mount Sekirnaya. Guests of the island will be told about the monastery and the Soviet history of the monastery and an interesting legend of its creation. During the Solovetsky camp of Special Purpose on the axe
Woe was a punishment cell where many people died. From the observation deck overlooking the
another monastery, located in the North of the Bolshoy Solovetsky island – Savvatievo. On the reverse
along The way you will make a stop in the Botanical garden, founded in the days of the monastery one of the
Archimandrites’. Once even grapes and watermelons were grown here. In addition to diversity
vegetation you will see the monastery buildings-Archimandrite’s dacha, Alexander’s
chapel, as well as the oldest wooden cross on the Solovki. Free time.

Day 4

08: 00 – Breakfast in the cafe. Check-out (Luggage storage).
09: 00-excursions are available at an additional cost (registration and payment are made at
the day of arrival at the airport, met tour guide):
– Excursion “Sights of The big Hare island” (3 hours). Boat trip to
boat to Big Sackage of the island. The tourists will visit the largest pagan temple II-I
millennia BC, will see the stone labyrinths, a complex of religious and funerary
construction of the first in Russia stone Harbor, monuments Andrew’s skete. Note: excursion
it is carried out under favorable weather conditions and in the absence of a storm warning.
The cost of the tour is 900 rubles per person.
– “History of the Solovetsky camp of special purpose. 1923-1939 ” (2 hours). On this tour
visitors will learn about the Solovetsky special purpose camp, the stages of development of the camp and
its reorganization in 1937 Solovetsky prison special purpose, and also learn about the fate of
imprisoned. They will visit a new exhibition about the camp and a monument to Solovetsky prisoners. Cost
excursions-400 rubles per person.
12: 00-optional-independent visit to the Maritime Museum. Peter the great’s era of shipbuilding
several centuries of spiritual and economic development of the Northern seas are preceded by this
the Museum of the Arkhangelsk Northern sea is dedicated to the ancient traditions of marine shipbuilding
shipping company. The Museum is located in an old rowing shed, built in the XIX century. In the Museum
rooms are old maps, navigational instruments, fishing gear, things Pomorie,
models and authentic details of ancient ships.
13: 00-Lunch in the cafe. Free time.
15:00 – transfer to the pier of the hat.
15: 30-for tourists from Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg and Vologda provides an early transition to
White sea (1 hour) in Rabocheostrovsk on a high-speed airboat. Note: tourists from Moscow
they go to the mainland by cruise ship at 19: 00 hours. They are provided with a private transfer to
railway station. For an additional fee, tourists from Moscow can stay in Kemi hotels or
to leave by night trains № 225 at 01: 50 or № 293 at 03: 20.
16:30 – arrival at the port of Rabocheostrovsk. Transfer to the railway station of Kem.
18: 08 – departure by train № 143 Murmansk-Vologda / Arkhangelsk.
20: 35-Departure by train № 21 Murmansk-St. Petersburg.