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Jeep tours in Karelia

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Jeep tours in Karelia have long been popular among tourists. During a jeep tour in Karelia, you can go to almost all famous places, but along a slightly different, less civilized route. These can be standard among tourists Ruskeala, Sampo mountain, Girvas volcano, White bridges waterfall or Kivach. Or you can go to the distant mountain Vottovara, take a jeep tour towards the island of Kizhi, from where you can go on a boat to the island itself. You can also go along the route suggested by you, which will be preliminarily adjusted by the drivers themselves.


From 5,000 to 60,000 rubles, depending on the chosen route

Attention! It is required to dress for the weather and not drink alcohol on the eve of the trip. The tour operator is not responsible for denial of service if the medical examination for alcohol is not passed. All excursions are carried out during daylight hours. The length of the route may change due to weather conditions or due to unfavorable traffic conditions.

Jeep tours in Karelia

For jeep tours in Karelia, relatively old car models are used – 2010-214. In general, only the body remains in them from the original jeep. Everything else has been redesigned for rough terrain – from forest roads to swamps and small rivers. Unfortunately, it is not entirely cost-effective to completely replace half of the parts on new jeeps, and the bodies are not sold separately.

Most often, jeep tours in Karelia are organized from the vicinity of Petrozavodsk. This is the largest city (capital of the republic) in the region, so there are enough jeepers and drivers who are keen on this topic.

Organizing a jeep tour to Sortavala is more difficult. Unfortunately, the town is small, and at best there is only one free transport. And in Petrozavodsk there are about 10 – 15 cars for the whole city. If you need to organize a jeep tour in Karelia in the Sortavala region, our drivers are ready to move from Petrozavodsk to this region. It is not entirely budgetary, but drivers are familiar with all routes near Sortavala, so the trip will be interesting.

Jeep tours in Karelia are mainly held from May until the roads are covered with a decent layer of snow. However, in some cases, a jeep tour in Karelia can also be organized in the winter season. You just need to choose a simpler route where there are passable roads.

The cost of a jeep tour in Karelia depends on the chosen route and is agreed with tourists. The program contains options and prices for the most standard and simple jeep tours in Karelia.

Examples of jeep tours in Karelia

  1. Jeep tour in Karelia to the old volcano Girvas – 1 day – all year round – lunch or picnic included. The minimum number of participants is 2 people. During this jeep tour in Karelia, tourists will visit the Sampo mountain, the Kivach waterfall, the Girvas volcano, see the Girvas hydroelectric power station, and also ride along the local sand dunes. There will also be a check-in at the Marcial Waters resort. On the way, guests will have lunch in a cafe or a picnic in nature. On part of the route, tourists can drive the jeep on their own. Before the jeep tour, instructions are given. It is required not to drink alcoholic beverages, to feel good and to be positive. Tourists are picked up in Petrozavodsk, at a specified or previously agreed place. The first stop during a jeep tour in Karelia is Mount Sampo. Further transfer to the resort of Marcial Waters, after which the transport goes to the Girvas volcano. On the way back, the group stops by the Kivach waterfall, and then returns to Petrozavodsk.
  2. Jeep tour in Karelia to the village of Kinerma – 1 day – all year round – lunch or picnic included. The minimum number of participants is 2 people. On this jeep tour in Karelia, the group sets off from Petrozavodsk along forest roads through abandoned and semi-abandoned villages to the museum village of Kinerma, which is located 100 kilometers from Petrozavodsk. In the village, tourists will have lunch and an excursion dedicated to the life and traditions of Karelia. In the evening, tourists return to Petrozavodsk. The duration of such a jeep tour in Karelia is about 8-10 hours. At a number of sites, tourists are entrusted with driving the jeep.
  3. Jeep tour in the region of Sortavala – 1 day – all year round – meals are not included. The minimum number of participants is 2 people. Usually this jeep tour in Karelia is ordered by tourists who are in the Sortavala region. Unfortunately, this jeep tour in Karelia is one of the most expensive, since from Petrozavodsk to Sortaval you need to drive about 350 kilometers, and jeeps specially prepared for off-road use consume a lot of fuel. However, there is also such a route. During this jeep tour in Karelia, guests are picked up from the hotel they need and taken off-road to the White Mosty waterfall. It is also possible to get to Ruskeala. On a number of sites, tourists are again allowed to drive a car. This jeep tour in Karelia is rarely organized, but it takes place
  4. Other routes and jeep tours in Karelia. The article presents only the most popular routes, but there are others, including multi-day jeep tours in Karelia. You can also contact us with a question of their organization. The only request is not to do this on the last day. We also need time to look and agree on another route of the jeep tour in Karelia.


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1. Гирвас 21000 10500 7000
2. Кинерма 24000 12000 8000
3. Сортавала из ПТЗ 60000 30000 20000
4. Другие туры по запросу по запросу по запросу

Useful information

Take with you documents (passport and compulsory medical insurance policy), category B license, a camera, chargers for phones, comfortable shoes (for driving), clothes for the weather, some cash, necessary rare medicines with a light supply (diabetes, heart, stomach, etc.) … Communication in Karelia works in some places, so you should not rely on a constant signal from cellular operators.

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