In the footsteps of ancient civilizations

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Tour duration: 4 days
Price: 52000 ₽
24 - 27 January 2019, 07 - 10 February 2019, 21 - 24 February 2019, 06 - 09 March 2019, 11 - 14 April 2019

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We offer you an exciting multi-tour of the Kola Peninsula called “in the footsteps of ancient civilizations”. During the trip you will see the legendary giant Kuiva on the sacred lake seidozero and ride on the Lovozero tundra, among the trees covered with loose snow. The magnificent scenery of the mountain range of Khibiny and the frozen lake Imandra will amaze you with its enchanting, pristine beauty.

And if you are lucky, you will be able to unravel one of the secrets of an ancient civilization that existed for more than three millennia BC in the vast expanses of The Russian North!

Number of tourists in the group: from 4 to 8 people
Meals: according to the tour program


52 000 RUB per person for double occupancy

69 000 RUB per person for single occupancy

The tour price includes:

  • transfer from Kirovsk/ Murmansk airport (round trip)
  • accommodation in guest houses along the route,
  • meals on the tour program,
  • rent of snowmobiles and a full set of equipment,
  • work of guides and instructors,

The price does not include:

  • air and railway tickets
  • Accommodation in hotels before and at the end of the tour
  • power, if marked “by yourself”

Day 1

  • We meet You at the airport of Murmansk (Kirovsk) or at the hotel (meeting time from 09: 00 to 11 :00),
  • transfer to the hotel or to our snowmobile base 
  • lunch on the way to the cafe (paid by yourself),
  • equipment selection and instruction,
  • transfer by the lake Imandra through the forest to the lake where the ancient rock carvings,
  • lunch on the way (field, included in the price),
  • inspection of rock paintings,
  • movement to the guest house,
  • dinner (included in the price),
  • sauna in the guest house (the guest house is located in the forest near the lake, there is everything necessary for living, level-economy, replacement for the level of comfort is impossible, due to the lack of alternatives)
    *(snowmobile run 100 km.)

Day 2

  • Breakfast (included in the price),
  • Breakfast (included in the price),
  • movement on snowmobiles to Lovozero tundra, where the sacred lake seidozero is located,
  • lunch on the way (field, included in the price),
  • accommodation in a guest house with amenities,
  • dinner (included in the price),
  • sauna 

*(snowmobile run 150 km).

Day 3

  • Breakfast (included in the price),
  • departure towards the sacred lake seidozero (in good weather, moving to the tops of the Lovozero tundra, which will have a magnificent view of the lake, in bad weather, moving along the forest route towards the lake),
  • snack on the road (field, included in the price),
  • fishing on the lake,
  • return to the guest house,
    *(snowmobile mileage 80 km.)

Day 4

  • Breakfast (included in the price),
  • Breakfast (included in the price),
  • check out in the direction of the mountain massif Khibiny,
  • lunch on the way (field, included in the price),
  • moving across a series of mountain passes and mountain valleys in snegohodnomu database,
  • finish.
  • transfer to the hotel or airport (included in the tour price)

What you need to take with you:

  • winter clothes for outdoor activities,
  • spare set of warm clothes,
  • backpack / sports bag*
  • personal first aid kit,
  • hygiene products,
  • passport, MHI policy.
    * The volume of the bag or backpack, which go with you on a trip, should not exceed 50 liters. It is necessary to prepare only the necessary equipment, with double accommodation on a snowmobile all things are Packed in one bag.

Mandatory equipment: winter suit for outdoor activities

Additional information

Kola Peninsula is the Far North, understanding where you are going, you will get much more pleasure. If you have no idea About the Russian North, we will be happy to advise you and tell you what you need to take with you. On the route is possible: wind, hurricane wind, severe frost, wind with snow, water under snow, and we can enjoy the sun and Shine the Northern Lights.


In the tour we stay in guest houses and hotels that have no analogues on the route, it is a structure in the mountains or in the tundra, at the foot of the mountains, so, depending on the date of your reservation, overnight in the house can be in double rooms and quadruple rooms. Meals in the guest houses established by the hotel or guest house, buy or order products will not be possible, take care of any “sweets” in advance!

In any journey, and especially when it comes to Hiking in the mountains or in the woods, the main thing – it’s safety. That is why only professional and experienced guides will accompany you in any trip. The whole team of “Wild and free” – the indigenous inhabitants of the Arctic, who know the features of their region. We do not just organize trips, we are responsible for You and for your safety!

Safety on the route: our guides are experienced guides, in emergency situations they are quickly guided, always with a “First aid kit Paranoid”. We register with the rescuers, but this does not mean that a helicopter will arrive for us and save everyone, the entire evacuation takes place on its own, so You must clearly observe the rules of conduct on the route and be one team.

The schedule of the program may vary, depending on weather conditions, human factors and technology. The tour may have unexpected delays, the guide can change the program if he believes that the continuation of the tour is not safe. From experience on routes, delays were up to 8 hours, so You need to be prepared, both physically and mentally.

About the tour

Fill your life with bright emotions and a great experience! Go with us on an exciting adventure through the Kola Peninsula, which we recommend to all lovers of active winter holidays. During the journey through the snowy expanses you will discover not only the picturesque scenery and beauty of pristine nature, but also the mysteries of ancient civilizations. The four-day multi-tour “in the footsteps of ancient civilizations” is an exclusive opportunity to unravel the mysteries of prehistoric rock paintings and plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of the far North. The icy peaks of the rocks have become silent witnesses of ancient history and store unique finds Dating back to the 4th Millennium BC. Petroglyphs were discovered recently, in 1997 and immediately received the status of the oldest “miracle” of the Murmansk region. In this journey, you will find an unforgettable Safari on high-speed snowmobiles with a total length of more than 330 kilometers, real winter fishing and delicious field Lunches in the middle of the snowy desert. In the evenings you can warm up and relax in a hot Russian bath, as well as listen to the legends and myths of the peoples of the far North. But do not forget that the weather in these parts is often unpredictable. Therefore, you should be prepared for possible delays and follow all the instructions of our guides. As a precaution, experienced guides can slightly adjust the route. 

Do not miss your chance to paint the gray days in bright colors and get an unforgettable experience of the snowy expanses of the Kola Peninsula. You waiting for exciting journey by high-speed snowmobiles in mountainous areas, forest-tundra, constrained by the ice of the lakes and snowy plains. Order multitour “in the footsteps of ancient civilizations” and we will open for you a new, unexplored world of the far North!

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