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Fishing Karelia summer

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4-8 hours
20000 ₽
May to October on request

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The tourist club “Polar Aurora” offers tourists who are going to go to our region in spring, summer or autumn to spend one day fishing in Karelia. Karelia is famous for its number of reservoirs and stocks of fish resources, so it will not be possible to remain without a catch. We offer fishing in Karelia on Onega, fishing in Karelia on Ladoga, fishing in Karelia on the Vuoksa river, fishing in Karelia on the White Sea, as well as fishing in Karelia on other water bodies at your request. The main type of fishing in Karelia is trolling, but it all depends on your desire. Depending on the season chosen, we will be able to more accurately suggest what will bite and what will not, and what gear will be needed for this. If you don’t have your favorite gear, we will provide them!


Fishing in Karelia Onega – from 20,000 to 80,000 rubles. Possible multi-day tours with sightseeing (Kizhi, Pegrema, etc.)
Fishing in Ladoga Karelia – from 25,000 to 90,000 rubles. Tours with sightseeing are possible (Valaam, Konevets)
Fishing in Vuoksa, Karelia – from 10,000 to 25,000 rubles.
Fishing in Karelia the White Sea or the Kem River – from 25,000 to 40,000 rubles. Possible multi-day tours with sightseeing (Solovki, Kuzov archipelago)

IMPORTANT: this service is extremely dependent on weather conditions, so it is advisable to have 2-3 days in stock in case of a storm on water bodies. The final cost of fishing in Karelia is formed depending on the wishes of tourists. In the absence of a catch, the money for fishing will not be returned!

About fishing

Fishing in Karelia on Onega is the most popular service. We organize a fishing trip from the suburb of Petrozavodsk, or in the area of ​​Medvezhya Gora. The main fishing style is trolling, however, if you wish, you can offer your favorite fishing style. The main boat models are Bella Falcon and various models of Silver boats. In the lake you can catch pike, trout, pike perch, grayling, perch and other fish. Some types of fish in Onega are listed in the Red Book, so fishing is not allowed. The captain of the vessel will tell you more about these types.

Fishing in Karelia Ladoga – the main departure we organize from the town of Priozersk, which is located 2 hours from St. Petersburg, or to Sortavala in the area of ​​Ladoga skerries. Fishing in Karelia on Ladoga is somewhat similar to fishing on Lake Onega. Again, a huge reservoir, where you can’t see the other side. There are large freshwater fish. The main fishing style is trolling. On average, fishing takes from 4 to 10 hours, depending on the fishermen’s passion.

Fishing in Karelia Vuoksa river – the Vuoksa river is located in Priozersk, therefore, if you wish, one day of fishing can be spent on the river, and the second on Ladoga. In this river are found: pike, pike perch, burbot, eel, perch, asp, bream, ide, chub, grayling, roach, rudd, crucian carp, dace, silver bream. Also, Ladoga salmon, trout, whitefish and raw fish come into the Vuoksa River every year for spawning, but fishing is prohibited or requires a license. The main fishing style is spinning from the side of the boat. The boat’s capacity is up to 3 people for a comfortable fishing.

Fishing in Karelia White Sea and the Kem River – This fishing differs from the others in that it is sea fishing (if you go to sea). And the fish, respectively, is also seafood. The main trophy is cod, but you can catch navaga, catfish, pinagora, the famous local herring and flounder. The ichthyofauna of the Kem River is represented by the following fish species: brown trout, pike, perch, roach, ide, bream, whitefish, vendace, smelt.
However, fishing in Karelia on the White Sea is, perhaps, the most dependent on the weather, ebb and flow, and is also poor in trophies. Local cod is too small. On the Barents Sea in the Murmansk region, you can catch a real trophy, and on the White Sea they fish only as long as.

Fishing in Karelia on other places – you can fish on almost any lake. Just take a fishing rod and stand on the shore. However, there are also a number of reservoirs where fishing from boats is practiced. For example, Lake Yanisyarvi, or a number of lakes and canals along the route of the White Sea-Baltic Canal. There are even stocked ponds for lazy fishermen. If you have any wishes, please send your request! We will suggest possible options.

COST: the cost of fishing in Karelia depends on the reservoir, the chosen boat and tackle, as well as the duration. On average, one trip costs from 20,000 to 45,000 rubles for 6-8 hours of travel and fishing.

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