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Fishing in Murmansk

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1 day
30000 ₽
All year round on request

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Fishing in the Barents Sea is almost year-round, but most often the vessels for the catch go from Teriberka or Ura-Guba. Ships differ in class and speed, but you cannot count on luxury yachts. Rather, they are time-tested, reliable workhorses equipped with modern navigation and rescue systems and adapted to the local harsh conditions. We are pleased to offer you several options for fishing in Murmansk, depending on your wishes. In addition to sea fishing, there is river and lake fishing, as well as fishing in Murmansk. The program presents an example of one of such fishing trips in Murmansk that we conducted. Depending on the choice of the vessel, transfers, time on board and services, the cost may vary, so for a detailed calculation, please contact our managers. Also, on request, you can go fishing for several days with stops in various beautiful places in the Murmansk region.

Important! Fishing in Murmansk is extremely dependent on weather conditions. Please take this information into account in advance. It is advisable to have 2-3 days in stock. You can order fishing in Murmansk all year round. Our ships can go to sea almost any month of the year.


25,000 rubles – 340,000 rubles. The cost depends on the options of the services provided, the model of the vessel, the duration of the trip.


excursion service
transport service
tea, light meals on trips


Plane / train tickets
Airport / train station transfers – hotel
Meals and other additional services


comfortable non-slip warm footwear for hiking (for women – without heels)
warm jacket or down jacket
warm gloves and comfortable fishing gloves
warm pants
your favorite gear

Tour program example

Morning – departure from the place of stay to Teriberka or Ura-Guba for fishing in Murmansk. Arrival at the designated berth. Preparing for fishing, checking equipment. Departure for fishing.
In winter, halibut and flounder are excellently caught in these parts. From spring to late autumn, pollock, haddock, catfish, and sea bass bite well. Cod is most common off the coast. She is better caught during high tides. Most often, schools of these fish come across on the sandbank.
The winter cod fishing season ends in February. Then the fish goes to spawn. Halibut fishing is also common on the Kola Peninsula. There is a blue-brown fish species here. Large specimens have delicious white meat. It only adds to the joy of mining. This predator does not go in packs. Halibut prefers a smooth sandy or pebble bottom. But the rocky bottom is not to his liking.
Experts say that the deeper the place, the greater the chances of pulling out a large halibut. You should first prepare the tackle. They must have strong line up to 300 meters long.
Fishing usually takes 4 to 8 hours depending on weather and daylight hours. Return to the port. Transfer to Murmansk.
IMPORTANT: Most boats provide fishing gear. If the tackle breaks, a penalty equal to the cost of the tackle will be charged. Some species of fish, arthropods and molluscs are listed in the Red Book. Fishing is strictly prohibited!

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