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Excursion to Vyborg for 1 day from St. Petersburg

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1 day
2300 ₽
December: 1; 8; 15; 22; 29. January: 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 12; 19; 26. February: 2; 9; 16; 23; 24; 25. March: 2; 8; 9; 16; 23; 30. April: 6; 13; 20; 27. May: 4; 11; 18; 25.

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Excursion to Vyborg will start on the Royal road, the first stop will be in the city of Primorsk, where you will visit the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Next, you will find a whole day in the ancient city of Vyborg, where you will be guided through the Central streets of the city, see the medieval part of the city: the Clock tower, the oldest house in Russia, the artillery tower, the town Hall and the most important component of the tour – Vyborg castle. Next, you will have a big tour of the most romantic place in Vyborg – Monrepos Park.


8: 00 – Departure from St. Petersburg from Zvenigorodskaya

Transfer by comfortable bus, tourist class, equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant trip. And with an interesting story of an experienced guide, travel time will pass unnoticed. It is possible to land at the metro station Chernaya Rechka at 08:20. Please specify this information when booking a tour.

9: 00 – tour of the Royal road along the Gulf of Finland
The excursion to Vyborg will start on the Royal Road. This way is not just a beautiful resort coast, but also a concentration of historical places and attractions. For 200 years, the coast of the Gulf of Finland has been a place of rest for the St. Petersburg and Leningrad creative elite, famous scientists and politicians. Being a Finnish territory, the Karelian isthmus was built up according to the projects of Finnish architects in the style of national romanticism. Tour to Vyborg will be held in this beautiful place with sea views and a fun route guided tour by our guide.

10: 30 – The City Of Primorsk. The Church Of St. Mary Magdalene
On the way to Vyborg our bus will stop in the city of Primorsk, which was previously called Koivisto and before the Russian-Finnish war belonged to the Finns. Here you will see one of the main attractions of the Leningrad region – the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. This former Lutheran Church, built according to the project of Josef Stenbeck in the style of the Northern art Nouveau. Solid building of red granite has the shape of a cross and an impressive size of 37 by 28 meters, and a height of 60 m. this Church is designed for 1800 people, one of the largest and most beautiful. Our experienced guide will tell you the amazing story of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

11: 30 – Sightseeing tour of the ancient city of Vyborg
A small town founded by the Swedes in the XIII century, located in the North-West of the Karelian isthmus, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. There are more than 300 historical monuments, in fact, the entire city center is one big monument. Vyborg throughout its history was an Outpost. He repeatedly passed from hand to hand, was the center of political and military events for centuries. You will walk around the market square-the place where the Central and medieval parts of the city meet. See the artillery tower-the surviving part of the Horned fortress, which was built in the XVI century.Town hall and town hall square
During the walk you will walk through the oldest square of Vyborg, where the town Hall is located. See the Clock tower-a former Cathedral bell tower lower tier which was built in the XV century. Later, the tower was rebuilt several times, but still retained its charm. During a walk through the narrow cobbled streets of Vyborg you will feel the atmosphere of the old town and will be able to see the oldest house in Russia. Vyborg is the only city in the Leningrad region with the status of a historical settlement.
There are only two such cities in Russia – Vyborg and Kaliningrad.

12: 30 – visit to the Burger Manor
Manor of the XVI century consists of a three-storey house of a citizen and a two-storey carriage house. The building is built of boulders, located in the depths of the Old Town and not everyone knows about this wonderful place. Now the estate is located Vyborg tourist center with a Museum exhibition. Here you can not only touch the middle ages, but also if you want to buy a little medieval itself as a souvenir. At the request of tourists, the guide can take you to the Museum of military history of the Karelian isthmus next to the Burger Estate. Here is an exposition based on the findings of search teams.

13: 00-visit to the shop of Goodies

This is another unique attraction of Vyborg, the most suitable at lunchtime. You will visit a real corner of the middle ages, a gastronomic shop where you can buy the famous Vyborg pretzels, as well as marzipan, gingerbread, Ivan-tea, dried knightly meat, Vyborg ale and other delicacies to delight the taste or just as a gift or souvenir from the trip. You will be interesting and very tasty.

14: 00 – Vyborg castle and free time for museums
Visiting Vyborg castle is an important part of any tour to Vyborg. Vyborg castle surprises thousands of tourists from Russia and abroad with its strict Northern beauty. This is the only surviving “Western” castle in Russia. During the many wars that swept through these parts, the castle did not receive critical damage, was restored and for many years is the hallmark of Vyborg. The castle owes its appearance to the Swedish knights, who in the XIII century made a crusade to the lands of the Karelian tribes. Since then and for the next 400 years Vyborg has been an impregnable fortress.

15: 30 – Landscape Park “Monrepos”
You will have a big tour of the most romantic place in Vyborg – Monrepos Park. This famous Park was created by Baron Ludwig von Nicolai, the teacher of Emperor Paul I. the Park of mon repos glorifies the Northern nature in all its original splendor. At one time, the glory of this Park was so wide that even Emperor Alexander II could not resist his visit. In mon repos, under the centuries-old pine and fir trees are laid paths that lead to monuments and observation platforms. The area around the estate is more like a Park, while the Northern part of mon repos smoothly into the pristine taiga.Rocky island Ludwigstein
If you wish, you can visit the rocky island-necropolis, located in the Northern part of the Vyborg Monrepos Park. You will learn the history of Nicolai’s family – the owners of the Park and the history of the mysterious “island of the dead”. Strolling through the Park Monrepos is to draw attention to the sculpture of Vainamoinen, the chief hero of Karelian-Finnish epos “Kalevala”, playing the Kantele. You will also see megaliths-huge ancient stones, which are associated with many mysterious stories. Quench your thirst at the source of “Narcissus”, the water which is famous for its healing power. If desired, you can dial the bottle with you.

18: 00 – Departure to St. Petersburg

21: 00 – Arrival to m. Zvenigorodskaya


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