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Excursion to the Mannerheim line

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1 day
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Excursion Mannerheim line-a visit to the famous complex of fortifications and fortifications built by the Finns shortly before the Russian-Finnish war. This tour is dedicated to the history of the Russian-Finnish war, which began shortly before the great Patriotic war. And DotA is one of the main monuments of this place. Here, during the tour of the Mannerheim Line, you will hear not only about why these fortifications were created, but also about the dead. You seem to be immersed in the history of those times. You will understand what it was to be at a machine-gun nest in DotA. What did the gunner and his assistants. What was their life. How later people felt in the besieged Leningrad. And felt that Soviet infantry going into the attack on the pillbox. In short, completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of those times. We cannot promise that all stories will be the easiest, but this is our history and the history of Finland. In these places many Soviet and Finnish soldiers were killed, and Pillboxes remained here as monuments on mass graves. Now this is not customary to remember, but the concrete colossus in the middle of the taiga and near the roadways always make any traveler think about what was going on here. And here there was a battle for the fate of Leningrad and all Karelia! The Mannerheim line is a sad, tragic, but very interesting story!




  • From 1 to 3 people – 14 000 rubles per group (car is used)
  • From 4 to 8 people – 25 000 rubles per group (minibus used)
  • From 8 people calculation is made individually (group discounts are provided)


9.00-Departure from the hotel in St. PETERSBURG. The tour of the Mannerheim Line begins with the crossing to the border of Finland and the Ladoga isthmus. For individual tours, you will be picked up from the hotel. For group visit to check out places appointed by the head of our club. The journey time to the first Dot is about 2 hours depending on the traffic situation. During the trip, the guide devotes tourists in the background of the construction of this line, as well as the personality of Mannerheim.

11.00-Visit to the first Dot near the Sk6 road. DOT is almost completely destroyed. Here the guide during the tour Mannerheim line dedicates our guests to the beginning of the conflict, as well as some technical details of the construction of this defensive line

12.00-Moving to Dot Sk5 (also poorly preserved), which has its own secrets and stories. Further along the route to other objects tourists pass the Finnish military burial, where a monument to the fallen soldiers. Near this place is the statistics on losses on both sides

14.00-Lunch in a cafe decorated in Finnish style. If desired, tourists and for an additional fee, it is possible to organize a field kitchen with soldiers who will be equipped in the form of those times. Field kitchen is easy to cook, but very satisfying. This option is perfect for large groups and VIP groups.

15.00 – visiting Dot Sk10 (well preserved and not very far from the road). It is also called Dot-Millionaire, as in its construction was invested about 1 million Finnish marks, which at that time was considered a high-cost construction. Did he pay for his expenses with the cost of human lives? You will learn about this during the tour of Mannerheim Line.

Next, the program has two more DotA-Sk16, command post and Ink2. The latter is away from the roads, but on the way everyone will be able to feel (especially in winter) what the soldiers experienced on both sides in those days with one exception – without shooting, ambushes and unexpected attacks from the enemy.

19.00-return to St. PETERSBURG.

Note: depending on the time of year, weather and transport used, the route of the tour of the Mannerheim line may vary. The cost of the tour depends on the number of people in the group and the selected additional services. You should have comfortable shoes, clothes for the weather, the necessary medicines, identity documents (passports), mosquito repellent or a thermos of hot tea.


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