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Excursion to the Kivach waterfall – volcano Girvas – Marcial waters

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1 day
2350 ₽
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Tour Girvas — Marcial waters – Kivach begins in the first half of the day. You are taken to the specified address and taken to the objects. Travel time in one direction about 1.5-2 hours. The approximate time of the whole tour Girvas-Marcial waters-Kivach is about 5-7 hours. This program we organize only individually and for ready-made groups!

Please note that during the tour Girvas — Marcial waters — Kivach from the way there may be delays. Please have at least 2 hours in reserve before the train or plane (if you leave on the same day). Shoes should be comfortable, without high heels, clothing for the season. During the trip, you must have an identity document. The time of visit and the order of excursions can be changed. The time in the program is preliminary. The tour in agreement with tourists can start and end earlier or later depending on weather conditions, the situation on the road and other factors.

The cost for groups of 6 people is negotiable! Call our Manager. He will figure out what you can save!


10: 00 – Transport takes you on a tour Girvas-Marcial waters-Kivach at your designated place. Departure on the route. We use comfortable buses and cars designed for travel. All have the necessary documents for transportation. The guide goes with you and will be happy to answer all your questions on the way. To go about 1.5 hours.

11: 30 – The first stop on the way during the tour Girvas-Marcial waters-Kivach is the resort of Marcial waters. This resort was founded under Peter I, when water with a high content of iron was discovered here. Near the resort there is a sanatorium, where you can buy a ticket with Wellness treatments. It is still active, and water from ferruginous springs is used for a number of them. It is believed that water from these sources helps to increase the level of iron in the blood, which reduces the unpleasant effects of a number of diseases and increases immunity. The name of the resort comes from the God of war and iron — Mars. Also during the tour you will visit a small Museum and the Church of St. Peter. Water can be tasted and taken with you, but its shelf life is only a few hours. Further, the iron settles to the bottom in the form of a muddy red sediment. Peter I himself came four times for treatment in the resort founded by him.

13: 00 – Arrival to Kivach reserve, where the famous Karelian waterfall is located. Departure to the nature trail, which will lead to the waterfall. During the walk you can enjoy the local nature, as well as look into the local history Museum. All trees and the most interesting plants in the reserve along the trail are signed. The waterfall itself is approximately 10.7 meters high and does not freeze in the winter. Before the construction of the hydroelectric power station on the river, it was one of the largest flat waterfalls in Europe, but due to falling water levels lost this status. And yet for the European area Kivach is still a major waterfall

15: 00 – Independent lunch in the cafe of Kivach reserve. It is located at the exit to the Parking lot, where the transport will wait. Lunch is not included in the price.

15: 40 – Departure to the last point of the route, the volcano Girvas. 2.6 billion years this volcano erupted so that none of the modern eruptions in the last couple of thousand years is unlikely to compare with it, but now it is very difficult to understand that there were such natural phenomena. The Girvas volcano was discovered by accident as a result of the drainage of the Suna river. In its bed (or rather this river was in the vent and lava flows of the volcano), it was discovered. The tour is devoted to the Geology of the Karelian region and its nature. The hill offers a good view of the Karelian forests.

17: 00 – Departure by transport to Petrozavodsk. Travel time is about 1.5 hours. The end of the tour Kivach.


*Price in rubles per person

 Number of people excursion with guide  trip without guide
1 person 13000 9500
2 people 7250 5500
3 people    5400 4200
4 people       5000 4200
5 people 
4500  3800 
6 people  4400  3750
7-14 people  3800  3300
15-20 people  2350  2150

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