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Excursion “Legends of the North”

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2-6 hours
1500 ₽

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We invite all guests of Murmansk to visit the sports and entertainment complex “Legends of the North”, located in the city of Murmansk. This excursion is suitable for families with children, animal lovers, and any tourist who loves a measured rest. During the tour, you can feed the deer, see representatives of the local fauna in the menagerie, visit a museum dedicated to peasant life, ride horses, and also spend some time in a real chum to understand its structure and try yourself as a reindeer breeder.


1000 rubles per person without skiing, 1500 rubles per person with skiing. The cost depends on the options of the services provided


excursion service
Entry tickets


House rent
Rent a plague
Meals and other additional services


Progress and modernity are rapidly moving forward and few people think about how everyone lived before. The area of ​​activity within the city, which we recommend to visit, will clearly show and tell you about it. The Russian hinterland and horses are integral parts of the Russian soul!
The group program includes:
– visiting the Place of Power and Place of Desires, made by the hands of talented craftsmen (with stories about the traditions of the Old Slavonic and northern peoples);
– visiting a plague with a hearth with a purification ritual;
– visiting an open-air cage with reindeer (feeding the animals with reindeer, photo sessions);
– excursion to the museum of antiques with immersion in peasant life;
– visiting the menagerie, where mainly animals of the north live (animal feeding, photo sessions);
– visiting the stables, preparing the horse for rental (if desired, the participation of guests in the preparation process);
– riding on Russian (painted) sleighs or on horseback in an open arena (at the choice of tourists);
– tea from a real Russian samovar (melted on the wood);
– visiting a souvenir shop.
The duration of the program is 1 hour without riding, 2 hours with sledding or horseback riding (optional). Next comes free software (until you get bored).

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